Where are 1 Mercian based?

Where are 1 Mercian based?

Based in Lichfield, the Regimental Headquarters of The Mercian Regiment administrates the Regiment and acts as a ‘home headquarters’ for the wider MERCIAN regimental family. When not deployed 1MERCIAN are based in Bulford; 2MERCIAN in Weeton, and 4MERCIAN in the Midlands.

Where are 4 Mercian based?

The 4th Battalion is the regiment’s Army Reserve Light Infantry battalion. The battalion, whose HQ is based in Wolverhampton and Kidderminster, England, has 5 rifle companies, an HQ company, a mortar platoon and an anti-tank platoon.

What division is the Mercian Regiment?

The King’s Division
The Mercian Regiment is one of three regiments in The King’s Division and is considered to be a regiment of the line. The Regiment consists of three battalions of infantry, two regular and one reserve.

Where are 1 Pwrr based?

The regimental headquarters (RHQ) is at the Tower of London, whilst the regiment itself comprises four battalions: 1st Battalion ā€” Light Infantry serving in Cyprus on a two year rotation.

Can Royal Marines join SAS?

Outside of the SAS Reserves, the SAS doesn’t recruit civilians. To be eligible to join the SAS, you must be an official member of one of the uniformed services of the British Armed Forces ā€” either the Naval Service (comprised of the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commandos), the British Army, or the Royal Air Force.

What battalions are getting disbanded?

The four infantry battalions to disappear are the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards), the 3rd Battalion the Mercian Regiment and the 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh.

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