When did Felix Baumgartner do the Red Bull Stratos jump?

When did Felix Baumgartner do the Red Bull Stratos jump?

Experience the Red Bull Stratos jump with these AR and VR technologies On October 14, 2012, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier and two other world records during his jump from the edge of space. And you can now experience it for yourself.

How many people watched the Red Bull Stratos jump?

Baumgartner dropped to his knees and punched the air before being met by ground crews. A helicopter was dispatched to return Baumgartner to the Roswell base. According to YouTube the jump was viewed live by over 9.5 million users, setting a record for the “live stream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube”.

What did Red Bull Stratos do to the world?

The successful mission broke World Records and provided valuable medical and scientific data for future pioneers. As the world watched in real time, Red Bull Stratos proved that a human could break the speed of sound in freefall – and that was just part of the accomplishment.

When did the Red Bull Stratos launch from Roswell?

The capsule was launched from Roswell International Air Center at 09:30 MDT (15:30 UTC) on 14 October 2012, which was also the 65th anniversary of Chuck Yeager ‘s Bell X-1 flight. The weather at launch was clear, with south-easterly winds blowing at 5.5 kilometres per hour (3.4 mph).

What was Felix Baumgartner’s new world record?

Felix Baumgartner sets a new world record! 120,000 foot skydive from the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner – Free Fall 2012 WORLD RECORD at 525 miles per hour (MPH) just under the speed of sound, sponsored by red bull. Facts:

How tall is Felix Baumgartner from the Red Bull statue?

Felix completed a record-breaking BASE jump from the Christ the Redeemer statue at a height of just 95 feet Get the latest Felix Baumgartner videos and images free for editorial use from Red Bull Content Pool

How many people watched Felix Baumgartner’s high altitude jump?

According to YouTube, eight million people watched Felix Baumgartner’s high altitude jump on Sunday morning. It was exciting and death-defying, but at the end of the day it was a just an elaborate publicity stunt that will likely see Red Bull sales skyrocket this month.