Whats fitspiration?

Whats fitspiration?

Fitspiration is any message whose supposed intent is to encourage or inspire people to attain their fitness goals. Often these messages are tacked onto an image of a hyper-fit person engaged in some impressive physical feat. And these fitspiration (or fitspo or fitbies as they are also dubbed) are everywhere.

What are fitspiration post?

There are currently more than 49 million posts with the hashtag #fitspo — the shortened version of “fitspiration,” the word blend that combines “fitness” and “inspiration.” The intent behind fitspiration is clear. These posts are meant to motivate people to exercise, eat well, and take care of their bodies.

What is fitspo hashtag?

Fitspo or #fitspo is a hashtag meaning “fitness inspiration.” It originally appeared on Twitter and Facebook years ago, but became popular on Instagram in 2012. Psychologically it’s no secret that looking at pictures of hot guys or girls can be a motivation for adherence to an exercise and fitness routine.

Why is Fitspo bad?

The problem. For people like me, who can’t get in the zone simply by seeing other people’s progress, these fitspo accounts could prove very detrimental. The effects of idealized fitness images are quite damaging: anxiety, depression, and mood swings have been empirically diagnosed amongst college age women.

What is Thinspiration and Fitspiration?

Background. Fitspiration, or images and text promoting health and fitness, and thinspiration, or images and text promoting thinness, have both received criticism for their negative effects on body image and dieting behaviors.

When did #fitspo start?

The word “fitspo” is a popular buzzword derived from “fitspiration,” which is the combination of the words “fitness” and “inspiration.” The term first began trending in 2013 as a response to the thinspo trend, which were posts and mottos created to motivate weight loss.

What are Fitspiration images?

Fitspiration images are intended to motivate viewers towards their fitness goals by promoting exercise. This finding extends previous research which demonstrated that exposure to fitspiration images relative to thin-ideal and muscular-ideal images did not increase exercise behaviour (Robinson et al., 2017).

What does Instagram fit mean?

WE ARE LIVING in the golden age of the “fit pic.” Contrary to what it might sound like, a fit pic is not an indulgent, muscle-baring selfie. The term usually describes an outfit photo, documenting what a person is wearing from head to toe.

What is #fitspo Blogging?

This is #fitspo. It’s healthy. It’s fun. But using health, fitness and ‘clean eating’ as instagram fodder is bigger than ever. While instagram fashion bloggers sparked the sponsored content trend by touting high fashion, #fitspo bloggers are capitalising on the basics: lycra, and looking good.

Is fitspo unhealthy?

Fitspo is a moniker employed to describe using images of active, fit people, often accompanied with motivational phrases, used to inspire yourself to be both healthy and in shape. Despite the rather amiable goals of fitspo, it has grown to become just as dangerous and unhealthy as its forerunner.

What is Bonespo?

Bonespo or Ribspiration: Similar to “mean inspiration,” “bone inspiration” often involves photos of dangerously thin people, usually women, with protruding bones, serving as an inspiration for someone to eventually look like that.

What means thinspo?

(1) “Thinspiration” or “Thinspo” refers to posting images of very thin and emancipated bodies on social media pages in order to inspire people to lose more weight and to “trigger” disordered eating thoughts and practices.

What kind of body do you want with fitspo?

The study used the Figure Rating Scale to assess thinness and muscularity, and the majority of females were “thin but toned”; males were “muscular or hypermuscular.” The majority of the posts associated with fitspo promote a specific look: thin, muscular, or hypermuscular.

What do you need to know about fitspo culture?

Fitspo messaging promotes rigidity and focuses on weight loss. Instead of tuning into your own body’s cues and wisdom, fitspo culture promotes a need to exercise that is about a militant routine regardless of your circumstances. Take no rest days! It doesn’t count until you sweat. No pain no gain.

Where did the term fitspo come from and why?

The word “fitspo” is a popular buzzword derived from “fitspiration,” which is the combination of the words “fitness” and “inspiration.” The term first began trending in 2013 as a response to the thinspo trend, which were posts and mottos created to motivate weight loss.

Why do people want to be like fitpo?

When you first read these messages, they sound catchy and motivating. You’ve seen taglines like this on social media from fitness professionals and celebrities. They have millions of followers and they look like they know what they’re doing. You’re feeling inspired because it’s about pursuing health through exercise. Or, is it?