What was the purpose of the Fusil de Chasse?

What was the purpose of the Fusil de Chasse?

The arms were light, rugged, and effective, and although they underwent some refinements during the period of their use, they remained much the same for nearly 80 years. The Fusil de Chasse (French for “shotgun” or “hunting gun”) was one of the designs that saw widespread use with frontiersmen, traders, and with the military.

How much does track Fusil de Chasse cost?

Build Track’s French Tulle fusil-de-chasse, with 42″ octagon-to-round barrel in popular calibers. Click for prices & options: Wood grades, barrels, & furniture. Starting at $873.02 Build a correct replica French TVLLE fusil-de-chasse, using Track’s best kit.

What kind of lock is Tulle Fusil de Chasse?

Offered in plain maple, fancy maple or plain walnut. This flint lock is patterned from a antique Tulle fusil-de-chasse circa 1727. This lock uses the so-called “forged” plate design, with attached pan, but no pan bridle arm in early fashion. The frizzen pivots on an oversize shouldered screw.

When did the Farman f.222.2 come out?

The F.222.2 is a rank I French bomber with a battle rating of 1.3 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.73 “Vive la France” . The Farman F.222.2 is the first French bomber in the tech tree lineup.


How big is a Fusil de Chasse smoothbore gun?

The fusil de chasse is a .62 caliber smoothbore with a 44″ barrel. It has an overall length of 59″. This long, slender gun is light and easy to handle, weighing in at under seven pounds.

When was the Tulle Fusil de chasse made?

Tulle – “Fusil de Chasse” Introduced by the French fur trade in the 1670’s, the “Fusil de Chasse” was not a trade gun but was the weapon of the Voyageur, the French fur traders and eventually Rodgers Rangers. The Tulle “Fusil de Chasse” or hunting gun was lighter, with cleaner lines, than the military or trade guns of the era.