What was the old NFL divisions?

What was the old NFL divisions?

Before 2002, there were three divisions in the AFC and three divisions in the NFC. There was the AFC and NFC East, West, and Central consisting of five teams each, except for the AFC Central, which had six teams.

How did the NFL decide divisions?

The NFL’s scheduling formula ensures that all teams will play every team from every division in the other conference once every four years. The 16 teams in each conference are split into the East, North, South and West divisions; every division has four teams.

What were the NFL divisions in 1995?

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  • AFC East: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Dolphins.
  • AFC North: Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, Browns.
  • AFC West: Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs.
  • NFC East: Cowboys, Eagles, Football Team, Giants.
  • NFC West: Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks.

What were the NFL divisions in 1970?

Starting in 1970, there were three divisions (Eastern, Central and Western) in each conference.

Which NFL team is the youngest franchise?

The Houston Texans
The Houston Texans are the youngest franchise in the NFL, becoming the league’s 32nd franchise during the 2002 season.

What states don’t have NFL teams?

The 26 States Without NFL Teams

  • Alabama.
  • Alaska.
  • Arkansas.
  • Connecticut.
  • Delaware.
  • Hawaii.
  • Idaho.
  • Kansas.

How many NFL teams were there in 1995?

30 teams
The 1995 NFL season was the 76th regular season of the National Football League. The league expanded to 30 teams with the addition of the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When did NFL go to 8 divisions?

The 2002 NFL season was the 83rd regular season of the National Football League. The league went back to an even number of teams, expanding to 32 teams with the addition of the Houston Texans; the league has remained static with 32 teams since. The clubs were then realigned into eight divisions, four teams in each.

How many NFL teams were there in 1968?

The season was also notable as the inaugural season of the Cincinnati Bengals, which expanded the AFL to 10 teams….

1968 American Football League season
Regular season
Site Shea Stadium, New York City
Champion New York Jets
ā† 1967 AFL seasons 1969 ā†’

How many NFL teams were there in 1972?

Those teams also had a tie on their resume, unlike the 1972 Dolphins. Five teams finished a season without a loss, but only one remained perfect….1972 Dolphins remain only perfect team in NFL’s 100 years: Here’s every team’s best unbeaten start.

Team Best unbeaten start to a season
Los Angeles Rams 11-0 (1969)

When did the NFL change to four divisions?

The 2000s: Realignment 2002ā€“2015. The NFL realigns to create four divisions with four teams each in both conferences. Arizona (NFC East) and Seattle (AFC West) join the NFC West; NFC Central renamed NFC North; AFC Central renamed AFC North; NFC South created Tampa Bay moves from the old NFC Central

What are the divisions of the National Football League?

1 NFL Eastern Conference divided into Capitol and Century Divisions 2 NFL Western Conference divided into Coastal and Central Divisions 3 New Orleans Saints enfranchised by NFL 4 Atlanta Falcons move to Western Conference

Who was the last NFL team to fold?

Dallas Texans enfranchised with the remains of the now-defunct New York Yanks, but fold after one season and to date last NFL team to fold. American Football League (AFL) begins operations with eight teams as a rival to the NFL. First AFL-NFL championship game played.

When was the number of teams in the NFL playoffs expanded?

After 1967, the playoffs were expanded to allow four teams to qualify for the tournament. When the league merged with the American Football League (AFL) in 1970, the playoffs were expanded to eight teams. The playoffs were expanded to ten teams in 1978 and twelve teams since 1990.