What wand does slughorn have?

What wand does slughorn have?

The wand of Horace Slughorn was made of cedarwood and dragon heartstring, measuring ten and a quarter inches. It was described as being “fairly flexible”.

Did slughorn make a horcrux?

When Voldemort seemingly died in October 1981, Slughorn was even happier than most of the wizarding population. He thought that Voldemort’s “death” meant that he never made Horcruxes and that freed him from having to feel guilty about informing Voldemort about them.

What is Professor Flitwick’s wand?

He was able to perform outstanding magic with his wand such as performing advanced charms, and duelling many wizards in his time. It had an angular cross-shaped handle and was made of a light wood with a deep brown tint toward the end.

What happened to Bellatrix’s wand?

Bellatrix reported that her wand had been stolen to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, as she feared Harry, Hermione, and Ron would try to break into her vault, which contained an item important to Lord Voldemort. Within weeks, this is precisely what they did.

Is Hagrid’s wand broken?

As a result of this, his wand was destroyed by the British Ministry of Magic. Although it was destroyed, Dumbledore allowed him to secretly keep the shards of his wand in the shaft of a pink umbrella as the shards still possessed a good portion of the wand’s original power.

Why didn’t they use Bellatrix’s wand at Gringotts?

Why didn’t they show Bellatrix’s wand at Gringotts? Because they knew her wand had been stollen. In the book, she gives them the wand and it alerts them that she is an imposter since the wand was known to be stolen. Harry then uses an imperius curse on the goblin in order to get in.

Why was Hagrid’s wand snapped in half?

Hagrid’s Umbrella During his third year at Hogwarts, Hagrid was falsely accused by Tom Riddle to have released a monstrous creature on the school that killed a Muggle-born witch named Myrtle Warren. As a result of this, his wand was destroyed by the British Ministry of Magic.