What team did Smokey Joe Williams play on?

What team did Smokey Joe Williams play on?

At one stretch in his career with the San Antonio Black Broncos, he was credited with winning twenty straight games. In the autumn of 1909, the big, hard throwing pitcher signed to play the winter season with the Trilby’s of Los Angeles, California.

Who did Joe Williams play for?

Joe Williams (born Joseph Goreed; December 12, 1918 – March 29, 1999) was an American jazz singer. He sang with big bands such as the Count Basie Orchestra and the Lionel Hampton Orchestra and with his combos. He sang in two films with the Basie orchestra and sometimes worked as an actor.

When did Smokey Joe Williams die?

February 25, 1951
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Who is Smokey Joe?

Smokey Joe Williams, byname of Joseph Williams, (born April 6, 1886?, Seguin, Texas, U.S.—died Feb. 25, 1951?, New York, N.Y.), American baseball player who was an early star of the Negro leagues. Williams was occasionally called “Cyclone,” a nickname, like “Smokey,” derived from the speed of his pitch.

Is Smokey Joe Real?

Smokey Joe is a model steam locomotive based on the 264 which has been in the Hornby Railways range since 1983 and has been highly popular, being regarded as a “permanent fixture” by the company.

Who wrote the song Smokey Joe’s Cafe?

Jerry Leiber
Mike Stoller
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How old is Joe Williams?

80 years (1918–1999)
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Joe Williams, considered by many to be the finest jazz singer of his generation, died on a Las Vegas street after collapsing while apparently trying to walk home from a hospital. He was 80. Williams was found Monday afternoon a few blocks from his home after hospital personnel alerted police that he was missing.

Who is Joe Williams married to?

Jillean Hughes Dathm.?–1999
Lemma Goreedm.?–1958
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What does Smokey Joe mean?

Joe Barton, Texan Congressman, nicknamed “Smokey Joe” for defending industries against pollution controls. Smokey Joe Baugh (1932–1999), American rockabilly musician. Happy Finneran (1890–1942), American Major League Baseball pitcher. Joe Martin (third baseman) (1911–1960), American Major League Baseball player.

How fast is Smokey Joe train?

500 MPH
Caledonian Railways 611, also known as Smokey Joe, is a engine added in the 2019 and 2020 April Fools updates. It is a variant of the Caledonian Pug and can reach a top speed of 500 MPH.

Why is it called Smokey Joe’s Cafe?

Written by the team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, this song was inspired by a real cafe, a beanery called “Smokey Joe’s” which was right next to an oil well at the corner of Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega.

Who sings the song Smokey Joe’s Cafe?

The Coasters
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