What size are O scale people?

What size are O scale people?

O scale
Scale 7 mm to 1 ft; 6.35 mm (0.25 inches) to 1 ft
Scale ratio various: 1:48 to 1:43.5
Model gauge 30 mm (1.181 in) – 33 mm (1.3 in)
Prototype gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 81⁄2 in) standard gauge

Is O bigger than ho?

Scale implies that is it a scaled down version of the real thing. O scale used to be called 1/4 inch scale with the ratio to the real thing as 1:48 with HO being 1/8 inch scale and 1:86 or 1:87. O is the larger of the traditional scales.

What scale is O scale?

Different Gauges

Term Scale Track Gauge
Standard Gauge 1/32 2-1/8″
O Gauge 1/48 1-1/4″
S Gauge 1/64 7/8″
HO Gauge 1/87 16.5mm or .649″

How tall are s scale figures?

S scale (or S gauge) is a model railroad scale modeled at 1:64 scale, S scale track gauge (space between the rails) is 22,48 (22,5) mm, 0.885 in….

S scale
Scale 3⁄16 inch to 1 foot
Scale ratio 1:64
Model gauge 22.48 (22.5) mm, 0.885 in
Prototype gauge 1,435 mm ( 4 ft 81⁄2 in) standard gauge

How tall is an O scale train?

National Model Railroad Association Recommendations

1/1 Scale (Prototype) 17 to 23 feet (5.181 to 7.01m)
O Scale 4 1/4 to 5 3/4 inches (108 to 146mm)
S Scale 3 3/16 to 4 5/16 inches (81 to 110mm)
HO Scale 2 11/32 to 3 5/32 inches (59 to 80 mm)
TT Scale 1 11/16 to 2 5/16 inches (43 to 58mm)

What scale is Hawthorne Village?

HAWTHORNE VILLAGE #14-01148-002: On30 Scale Spirit of America Coal Car from Spirit of America World Trade Center Train set. Only a few left!

Is HO or O scale better?

HO scale is cheaper, takes up less room, isn’t to hard to work with, and has much more products available at a good price point than O scale.

What is the difference between O Gauge and S gauge?

S-Gauge: Lionel S-Gauge track (AF FasTrack®) is narrower than O, has two rails and supports American Flyer and other S-Gauge cars. Lionel recommends S-Gauge for train hobbyist and collectors who prefer a scale smaller than our Traditional O-Gauge or O Scale line.

What does S scale stand for?

S scale (sometimes called S gauge) is modeling in 3/16th to the foot or a proportion of 1:64 to the real full size model. “O” is 1/48th scale or 1/4″ to the foot. “S” is 1/64th scale or 3/16″ to the foot. “HO” scale, currently the most popular, is 1/87th scale or 3.5mm to the foot (a little over 1/8″).

What size is O gauge?

In the United States, O gauge is defined as 1:48 (0.25 inches to the foot, “quarter inch scale” 1/4 inch equals one foot). This is also a common dollhouse scale, giving more options for buildings, figures, and accessories.

What is O Guage and O scale?

The name for O gauge and O scale is derived from “0 [zero] gauge” or “Gauge 0” being smaller than Gauge 1 and the other then-existing standards. It was created in part because manufacturers realized their best selling trains were those built in the smaller scales. Nov 6 2019

What is O gauge scale?

O Scale scale7 mm to 1 ft –6.35 mm to 1 ft