What Scoring does DraftKings use?

What Scoring does DraftKings use?

DraftKings uses official CFL statistics and only includes statistics from games CFL deems to be official. If the CFL declares a game “suspended” then the statistics generated before the game is suspended will count in Game Sets containing said game.

What is Fanduel football scoring?

Every game not played by winning players (Games Not Played Bonus) = 20 Pts. Every game not played by winning teams (Games Not Played Bonus) = 15 Pts….NFL.

Offense Defense
Passing touchdowns = 4pts Extra Point Return = 2pts
Interceptions = -1pt Safeties = 2pts
Receiving yards = 0.1pts Blocked Punt/Kick = 2pts

How does NFL DraftKings work?

At DraftKings players are given a full point per each catch or reception. This is known as a 1 PPR league. This means you want to look at stats such as targets and receptions when choosing your players. A receiver who catches 2 catches for 100 yards isn’t as valuable as a receiver who catches 10 catches for 100 yards.

How many points does a kicker get in DraftKings?


Offensive Fumble Recovery TD +6 Pts
Statistic Fantasy Points *Players drafted as Captain earn 1.5x fantasy point values
Extra Point +1 Pt

Where does DraftKings get their stats from?

DraftKings uses statistics from third party providers for the purposes of providing game and bet results, and real-time entertainment value to its end users.

What happens if you bet on a player and he doesn’t play FanDuel?

Should a player listed not start the game, all bets on the player selected will be void (otherwise betting is all-in). If a player doesn’t see any game time, then all bets on that player will be void.

What happens when you win big on DraftKings?

If you’ve won and placed into a paying position in a contest, the amount you’ve won, as determined by the prize structure of that contest, will be credited to your DraftKings account as soon as the contest ends. You can use your winnings to play even more contests, or withdraw it.

How does DraftKings payout?

The withdrawal policy for DraftKings is to first refund the original deposit source with the amount you deposited, and then gamers have the option to choose a check or PayPal transfer to receive their remaining funds. DraftKings offers payouts via Paypal and check.

Can you tease games on DraftKings?

At DraftKings, you follow the same process, but teasers are grouped in with parlays. Once you get to your bet slip, click parlay, then click teaser underneath your bets. You can bet teasers now at DraftKings and get a $1,000 sign-up bonus.

What are the scoring rules for DraftKings football?

Probably the most impactful scoring rule at DraftKings is the fact that players receive one-point for every reception. Of course, pricing will take into account a player’s ability as a receiver, but upside for reception numbers is important.

What’s the difference between DraftKings and other fantasy sites?

NFL scoring on DraftKings is very similar to other sites in the industry, with the major difference being a full point per reception scoring system. This means if a player makes a catch, they get one fantasy points.

Why do you lose points on DraftKings for soccer?

Because scoring is lower in soccer, DraftKings does well to make sure players are generating points without having to score. There are ways to lose points, like getting a yellow or red card. Both of these will cause negative points. If you concede a foul, it is also negative points.

What do you need to know about DFS scoring?

For DFS, that means understanding the scoring rules. This is the scoring system for DraftKings daily fantasy football. You might find other versions of scoring, but this is a fairly straight forward setup.