What lunch box fits Yumbox?

What lunch box fits Yumbox?

The Packit freezable classic lunch bag fits a Yumbox or LunchBots bento box easily. You could also pack a couple of small containers, a sandwich in a reusable sandwich wrap or pouch and a banana. Don’t forget your reusable cutlery!

Does Yumbox fit in Lands End lunch box?

Fits perfectly!

What do you put in a Yumbox?

Some of the most common things you will find in my boys Yumboxes include:

  1. Egg and Bacon Pie.
  2. Popcorn.
  3. Sandwiches.
  4. Quesadillas.
  5. Sausage Rolls.
  6. Yoghurt.
  7. Apple Pikelets.
  8. Stewed Fruit (with the juice)

Does Bentgo box fit in Pottery Barn lunch box?

The new molded interior of the Pottery Barn Classic Lunch Bag makes it a bit harder to slip the Bentgo box in, it fits but at a slight angle (our older style PBK Classic did not have the molded interior and it fits perfect).

Can I microwave Yumbox?

Yumbox’s exterior shell is not microwave safe. We do not recommend microwaving the inner tray. Yumbox is designed for serving cold or room temperature foods. If foods that require reheating are being packed, we recommend using removable silicone cups.

Is Yumbox safe?

IS YUMBOX FOOD SAFE? Yes. All materials are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

Is Yumbox leakproof?

Yumbox is a leakproof container. Yumbox’s silicone lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal keeping food contents in place, including wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water). Foods will not leak between compartments or outside of the box.

Does Pottery Barn lunch box fit Bentgo?

I bought the Pottery Barn Mackenzie lunch box for my son and the Bentgo Kids lunch box fit just fine, though not much room left. Still can fit ice packs and a pouch. (I put ice packs and the pouch underneath the bentgo box and it fits perfectly!)

How do I choose a lunch box?

Tips to Choose the Right Lunchbox

  1. Insulation. One of the most important things to look out for while purchasing a lunch box is if it has proper insulation.
  2. Material Matters! Clearly, Insulated steel lunchboxes are the best when it comes to keeping your food warm.
  3. Chemical Free and Antibacterial.
  4. Microwave Friendly.

How many compartments are in a yumbox Bento lunchbox?

The YumBox MiniSnack has 3 easy to fill compartments, perfect for anyone that packs snacks… Original Bento Lunchbox includes Tray. Introducing a new way to pack school or kindy lunch!

What to pack in a yumbox lunch box for kids?

Pack just the right portions for kids of all ages and adults. Easily pack a variety of nutritious foods in Yumbox and your lunch will look inviting and keep you satisfied throughout the day. Yumbox products are designed and tested by busy parents that cook, clean and prep meals on a daily basis.

Which is the best Bento Box in New Zealand?

The Lunchbox Queen brings you New Zealand’s largest range of Yumbox – the original and still the best leakproof bento lunchbox. Available in 3 sizes – MiniSnack, the standard Original or Panino, and the largest Tapas, in a huge range of colours.

How does yumbox save you money on food?

Yumbox saves you money by eliminating single use plastic baggies, disposable containers, plastic wrap and snack packs. Being a smart shopper and buying food in bulk makes good sense not only for your wallet but also for our planet.