What kind of processor does a MacBook Pro have?

What kind of processor does a MacBook Pro have?

Apple MacBook Pro “Core i7″ 2.9 13” Mid-2012 Specs. The MacBook Pro “Core i7” 2.9 13-Inch (Mid-2012/USB 3.0) features a 22 nm “Ivy Bridge” 2.9 GHz Intel “Core i7” processor (3520M), with two independent processor “cores” on a single silicon chip, a 4 MB shared level 3 cache, 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (PC3-12800) installed in pairs…

How big is the MacBook Pro in 2012?

The MacBook Pro Mid 2012 2.9GHz i7 came standard with a 750 GB, 6 Gb/s Serial ATA (5400 RPM) hard drive. The HDD can be upgraded to an SSD with any 2.5 inch drive. See Techable Certified Refurbished 2012 Macbook Pro 2.9GHz i7 13-inch. Screen Size and Resolution

How much memory does a MacBook Pro 2 have?

MacBookPro9,2: RAM: 4 GB: VRAM: 512 MB* Storage: 500 GB HDD: Optical: 8X DL “SuperDrive” Complete

When did the new MacBook Pro come out?

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) – Technical Specifications.

Apple MacBook Pro “Core 2 Duo” 2.4 15″ (08) Specs. The Apple MacBook Pro “Core 2 Duo” 2.4 15-Inch (Early 2008/Penryn) features a 45 nm “Penryn” 2.4 GHz “Core 2 Duo” processor (T8300), with two independent processor “cores”, a 3 MB shared “on chip” level 2 cache, an 800 MHz frontside bus, 2.0 GB of 667 MHz PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM,…

When did the 15 ″ MacBook Pro come out?

15″ MacBook Pro (Early 2008) Multitouch. Introduced with the iPhone, brought to the Mac with the MacBook Air, it now makes its debut on the MacBook Pro. Surprisingly, Apple is doing it using the same trackpad, not a larger one like the MBA has.

Is the early 2008 MacBook Pro compatible with WiFi?

Although it is not officially supported, the Early 2008 MacBook Pro can run macOS Sierra using Colin Mistr’s Sierra Patch Tool. However, WiFi is not supported on this device. See our macOS Sierra page for more details and a link.

When did the 64 bit MacBook Pro come out?

The “Discontinued Date” refers to the date a model either was replaced by a subsequent system or production otherwise ended. Also see: All Macs introduced in 2008. Also see: All models with a 64-Bit processor courtesy of EveryMac.com’s Ultimate Mac Sort. Geekbench 2 benchmarks are in 32-bit and 64-bit modes, respectively.