What is the world record of zombie tsunami?

What is the world record of zombie tsunami?

49999 Zombies
Zombie Tsunami 2016 – New Record 49999 Zombies (Brains) – YouTube.

What is the highest score on Zombie Tsunami?

Zombie Tsunami – Cheat All Zombie Tsunami high score 999 brain – YouTube.

How do you beat zombie tsunami?

Zombie Tsunami: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

  1. Become Familiar with the Basics of Vehicles.
  2. Work Up To Getting 4 Zombies at the Start of Each Level.
  3. Cop The Civilian Powerup.
  4. Stock Up on Scratch Cards.
  5. Steer Clear of Moving Vehicles.
  6. Sell Those Scratch Off Lottery Tickets to Gain Some Coins.

What is gold zombie tsunami?

Gold is just like Quarterback, but are zombies coated with gold and turn anything except for civilians into coins. They might not be a master of jumping but a master of generating coins. Gold Bonus won’t be affected by bombs and vehicles, but will die if they fall down a hole or are stopped by a wall.

How do you get diamonds in zombie tsunami?

Diamonds are rarer than coins and can be bought by completing daily challenges and special events(Accessible from the bottom of the home screen). It is used to buy zombirds, fill vials, fuse zombirds, etc.

Who invented Zombie Tsunami?

Zombie Carnaval

Zombie Tsunami
Developer(s) Mobigame
Publisher(s) Mobigame
Platform(s) Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile
Release May 31, 2012

What is bonus gold in zombie tsunami?

List of bonuses

Name From level Special ability
Gold 18 Convert vehicles and bombs into coins
Quarterback Unlocked by default Destroy everything
U.F.O. Unlocked by default Gives additional zombies
Tsunami Unlocked by default Destroys everything