What is the rarest puffer fish?

What is the rarest puffer fish?

Rare species of Arothron pufferfishes

  • Arothron caeruleopunctatus “Blue-spotted Pufferfish”
  • Arothron carduus “Thick-striped Pufferfish”
  • Arothron firmamentum “Heavenly Pufferfish”
  • Arothron inconditus “Bellystriped Blaasop”
  • Arothron leopardus “n/a”
  • Arothron sp. “ Red Sea”

How much is a long spine porcupine puffer fish?

How Much Do They Cost? You can expect to pay between $25 to $35 for a small porcupine puffer.

How much is a porcupine puffer fish?

Item # Description Price
017500 Porcupine Pufferfish , Tiny: up to 2″, Caribbean * Restriction On Guarantee $79.99
000837 Porcupine Pufferfish , Small: over 2-2.5″, Caribbean $89.99
000838 Porcupine Pufferfish , Medium: over 2.5-4.5″, Caribbean $99.99
000839 Porcupine Pufferfish , Large: over 4.5-6.5″, Caribbean $119.99

Are porcupine puffers aggressive?

The Porcupine Puffer lacks pelvic fins but has learned to use the pectoral fins to move about. A 180 gallon or larger, fish-only aquarium with a good protein skimmer is a suitable home. It may be aggressive at times, nipping the fins of tank mates and leaving a circular hole as its mark.

Can you own a puffer fish?

In contrast to more common pet fish, puffer fish require very good water quality, a lot of aquarium space, and a good diet. They’re definitely not starter pets. You’ll need to remain with your puffer fish often, as it requires feeding once a day, and possibly more if it is kept around other fish.

Can I own a puffer fish?

What kind of puffer is a blue porcupine?

This unique looking blue pelagic porcupine puffer is not a morph or a variant of the three foot long porcupine puffer, Diodon hystrix, but an different species entirely, Diodon eydouxii.

What kind of fish is a porcupine fish?

Pelagic Porcupinefish ( Diodon eydouxii) from Oahu. Credit: Colin Rufio Kop / ZoaCollector It has been a VERY busy week for rare fish finds (see: here, here & here ), but today I get to feature what is easily my favorite discovery yet… a big, blue pufferfish. Scoff if you must, but I would take this fish over a hundred Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus.

Where can you find pelagic pufferfish in the world?

The Pelagic Pufferfish is about as widespread a tropical fish as there is. Records exist anywhere and everywhere that marine waters are warmed by the equatorial sun, from South Africa to Japan and east towards Mexico. You’ll find it throughout the Atlantic as well, and we even have reports from the chilly waters of Los Angeles and Spain.