What is the price of DTC bus pass?

What is the price of DTC bus pass?

Department of Delhi Transport Corporation

2 General All Route Passes (G.L.S) 800/- (Non-AC),1000/- AC
3 Press All Route Passes 100/-(Non-AC), 200/- AC
4 Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (All Route G.L.S.) 250/-* (Non-AC),350/-** AC
5 Free Passes

How do I pay my DTC bus pass online?

How To Apply Online?

  1. Steps:
  2. Step-1 : Go to the link http://dtcpass.delhi.gov.in/home.jsp.
  3. Step-2 : Click on the “Apply For New Bus Pass”

How many DTC buses are there in Delhi?

3,760 buses
Of the total 6,793 buses, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has 3,760 buses and the cluster fleet size is 3,033 buses. Gahlot said, “Since March 2020, the Delhi government has launched 452 BS VI compliant buses, including 32 that are being dedicated to the people of Delhi today (Monday).

Is DTC bus free for ladies in 2021?

Measures for safe travel Since 2019, the Delhi Government has been able to provide 19.2 crore free bus rides to women of the city. Continuing this initiative, the Delhi Government will ensure that women travel safely, using free bus rides in DTC and Cluster buses.

What is the full from of DTC?

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the main public transport operator of Delhi.

What is general pass?

People of twin cities can avail general bus ticket for Rs. 950/-. With this TSRTC general bus pass, passengers can travel in ordinary TSRTC buses under city and sub-urban regions. This pass is valid for one month.

Is DTC under Delhi govt?

DTC which was functioning under the administrative control of Govt. of India, was finally taken over by Govt. of NCT, Delhi on 05.08. 96.

Is bus free in Delhi?

“While the Delhi government’s move has ensured an increased ridership of women in public transport, which is also a source of empowerment for them, it also means that the majority of the bus journeys have been offered for free to the people of Delhi.

Is DTC buses free for ladies?

At least 76% of over two million bus journeys clocked in the past five months in the national capital were using “pink tickets”, a Delhi government initiative which allows women to travel for free in public buses, data accessed by HT from the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) showed.

Is DTC free for ladies now?

Just holding a Pink Pass Women in Delhi can travel free as per the Delhi Government’s decision or scheme. In all kind of DTC Buses (AC, Non-AC) & Cluster buses ladies are allowed to free travel. In around 3500 DTC Buses & 1500 Cluster Buses travel will be free for Women from 29th October 2019 onwards.