What is the population density of Norway?

What is the population density of Norway?

15 per Km2
Norway ranks number 119 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in Norway is 15 per Km2 (38 people per mi2).

What percentage of Norway’s population is white?

83 percent
Norway, of course, is one of the whitest countries in the world. It’s residents are 83 percent Norwegian, who are ethnic North Germanic people, and another 8 percent is European, according to the CIA’s World Factbook. Sen.

Why is Norway so sparsely populated?

Climate. Norway is located in northern Europe, with parts of the country being located north of the polar circle. Historically, these large seasonal variations in a subarctic to temperate climate have historically made it difficult to provide enough food to sustain a large population.

What are the racial demographics of Norway?

Norway Demographics The ethnicities in Norway are recorded as Norwegian 83.2% (includes about 60,000 Sami), other European 8.3%, other 8.5% by the Factbook as well.

Why do so few people live in Scandinavia?

There are multiple reasons why Scandinavia is less populated than the rest of the world. One reason relates to how people originally settled in the region, and the history that followed as a result. Another reason regards the obstacles people encountered in the physical environment, like mountains, snow, and water.

What is the least densely populated country in Africa?

However, the population density ranges across the 52 countries with Mauritius having the highest population density while Namibia has the lowest population density….African Countries By Population Density.

Rank 1
Country or territory Mauritius
Density (inhabitants/km²) 624.0
Area (km²) 2,040

Can I move to Norway?

Work and residence permits If you are a citizen in another Nordic country, you are entitled to move to Norway to live, work and study. You do not need to apply for a residence permit or similar. If you are a citizen of another EU/EEA country, you may freely enter Norway and stay in the country for up to three months.

What are the demographics of Norway?

The demographics of Norway constitutes of 2,668,000 women and 2,727,000 men, which means there are 1,022 men per 1000 women. As far as age distribution goes, 23.7% of population (1,278,076) is 19 or younger, 59.1% of population (3,185,748) is between age 20 and 64 and 17.2% of population (927,940) is over 65.

What is The racial breakdown of Norway?

In Norway 99.29% of the population is White. In Norway 0.04% of the population is Black or African American. In Norway 0.31% of the population is Asian.

What is The racial diversity of Norway?

As of 2012, an official government study shows that 86.2% of the total population are ethnic Norwegians. The national minorities of Norway include Scandinavian Romani, Roma, Jews, and Kvener, as well as a small Finnish community.