What is the most scenic train ride in Switzerland?

What is the most scenic train ride in Switzerland?

5 of the Best Scenic Train Rides in Switzerland

  1. The Bernina Express.
  2. The Glacier Express.
  3. Jungfrau Railway to Jungfrau Mountain.
  4. Cogwheel Railway to Mount Pilatus.
  5. Gornergrat Cog Railway.

Is the train from Geneva to Zurich scenic?

Yes, you could definitely do a scenic train ride from Geneva to Zurich in one day. I would the suggest taking the Golden Pass. You would travel from Geneva to Montreux by regional train to connect with the Golden Pass train at Montreux. The Golden Pass route is: Montreux – Zweisimmen – Interlaken Ost-Lucerne.

Where can you go by train from Geneva?

Taking the train from Geneva, you can discover the best destinations in and around this gorgeous corner of Europe….

  • Lausanne.
  • Bern.
  • Zurich.
  • Yverdon.
  • Lyon.
  • Annemasse.
  • Nyon.

Is there a direct train from Geneva to Interlaken?

No, there are no direct train services from Geneva to Interlaken Ost. Travelling from Geneva to Interlaken Ost by train will require a minimum of 1 change.

What is the most scenic part of the Glacier Express?

ST. MORITZ TO ANDERMATT. The first section is the most scenic stretch of the entire Glacier Express Route with the famous Landwasser Viaduct. Experience the dramatic landscapes of the ‘Swiss Grand Canyon’ carved by the river Rhine into the white rocks.

Is Geneva cheaper than Zurich?

The UBS survey shows Zurich is some 20 percent more expensive than Geneva for services including items like haircuts or language classes. The Swiss German-speaking city also has 16 percent higher price tags for electronic items like smartphones.

Is Zurich better than Geneva?

If you want to find out what makes the world tick, there is probably no better place than Geneva. Zurich is home to plenty of museums and has a vibrant culture of its own, but if you want a global perspective, choose Geneva.

How do I get from Geneva to Jungfraujoch?

The best way to get from Geneva to Jungfraujoch (Mountain) is to train which takes 2h 52m and costs SFr 65 – SFr 120. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs SFr 18 – SFr 24 and takes 4h 41m.

Where is the scenic train ride in Switzerland?

This scenic train ride connects central Switzerland with Lake Geneva. Travel all the way from historic Lucerne to Montreaux and enjoy tall mountains, green valleys and endless vineyards.

How to book a Golden Pass train in Switzerland?

Reservations are compulsory and can be made online through the Golden Pass website. Select Montreux as departure station and Broc-Chocolat as arrival station. Select the option ‘Pass’ (1 st or 2 nd class).

How often do the trains run in Switzerland?

This spectacular journey leads past eight lakes, rides through six different cantons (the Swiss version of states), crosses three mountain passes and connects two language regions with each other. And it offers about an estimated gazillion photo opportunities. Trains run eight times a day, all year round.

Where to go on the Chocolate Train in Switzerland?

Take the chocolate train from Montreux to Broc-Chocolat and discover where Switzerland’s delicious chocolate and cheese is made. Visit the cheese factory in the beautiful village Gruyère and continue your journey to Broc to see how chocolate is made. Eurail passes are valid on the entire Chocolate train route.