What is the full form of MC Mary Kom?

What is the full form of MC Mary Kom?

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom
Mary Kom/Full name
Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom OLY (born 24 November 1982) is an Indian amateur boxer, politician, and incumbent Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha.

Is Mary Kom real story?

Mary Kom is the most celebrated boxer in India. Her journey is an inspiration to thousands of Indians, especially many Indian women. She was born to a northeastern family and helped her parents in the fields. She also became the first Indian woman boxer to get a Gold Medal in the Asian Games in 2014 in South Korea.

When and where was Mary Kom born?

Kangathei, India
Mary Kom/Place of birth

How old is MC Mary Kom?

38 years (November 24, 1982)
Mary Kom/Age

How many times Mary Kom represent India in Olympics?

India was represented by five-time world champion Mary Kom who was the only Indian to qualify for the event. However, she lost to Nicola Adams of the UK in the semi-final. She stood third in the competition and earned herself an Olympic Bronze medal.

Why Mary Kom is famous?

MC Mary Kom is the first Indian woman to win a boxing gold at the Asian Games. Mary Kom has also managed to bag five gold medals in the Asian women’s boxing championships.

Who is Mary Kom in English?

Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, popularly known as Mary kom, born in Manipur, is an Indian Olympic boxer. She is the only female to make a six times winning record of World Amateur Boxing Championship and the only female boxer to win a medal in each of the total seven world championships.

Which state is Mary Kom?

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom was born in November 1982 in Churachandpur, Manipur. Nobody would have imagined that this child would one day go on to become a legend in Indian boxing.

How many babies does Mary Kom have?

Mary Kom is married to K Onler Kom and has three sons and 1 daughter. The Tokyo Olympics might be the last chance for the 38-years-old boxer to end the medal drought in the mega-event.

Who was the first Indian woman to win?

India’s first woman to win an Olympic medal – Karnam Malleswari – Weightlifiting.