What is the frequency of Badr?

What is the frequency of Badr?

Nilesat 102 & 201, 7 West Channels, Frequencies, Symbol Rates….BADR-7 Satellite TV Channels and Tracking Details.

Channels Satellite Tracking Details
JOSAT BADR-7 Frequency: 11390 MHz Pol: V FEC: 5/6 S/RATE: 27,500 KS/s

What is the frequency of MTV Lebanon?

12646 MHz
@ 166 DEGREES EAST – 12646 MHz – HORIZONTAL – 28066 – 3/4 Tp20K- MYSAT ARABIC BOUQUET.

Who is the owner of Arabsat?

show 21 countries
Arabsat was created to deliver satellite-based, public and private telecommunications services to the Arab States, in accordance with International Standards….Arab Satellite Communications Organization.

Industry Satellite communications
Headquarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Owner show 21 countries
Website www.arabsat.com

What satellite is MTV on?


Dish Network Channel 160 (HD/SD)
DirecTV Channel 331 (East; HD/SD) Channel 331-1 (West; HD)
DirecTV Caribbean Channel 260

Is MTV on Nilesat?

MTV viewers on NILESAT are kindly requested to switch to EUTELSAT 7.3 WEST satellite using the following frequencies: Polarity: Vertical Frequency: 12360 MHz Symbol Rate: 27500 FEC: 3/4.

What is the Nilesat frequency?

Nilesat 201 © LyngSat, last updated 2021-10-21 – https://www.lyngsat.com/Nilesat-201.html
Frequency Beam EIRP (dBW) System SR FEC VPID
11747 V tp 2 Middle East 0 DVB-S 27500 5/6

What is the frequency of National Geographic?

The frequency of the National Geographic channel on Nilesat Coding factor: 27500.

Where is the 26º east longitude of Arabsat Badr?

City or satellite Longitude Latitude Altitude; Arabsat Badr 26º E: 26º East: 0º (equator) 35 786 km: Nilesat 7º W: 7º West: 0º (equator) 35 786 km: Doha (Qatar) 51.6º East: 25.3º North: 0.01 km: Cordoba (Spain) 4.8º West: 37.9º North: 0.12 km

Which is the best satellite channel for Arabsat?

Arabsat Tv & Radio Satellite Channel Name BADR-7 1990 BADR-7 AAU TV BADR-7 ABC TV BADR-7 ABILITY TV

Who are the owners of East Arabsat Badr?

HD International Arabic language news television channel owned by British Sky Broadcasting (50%) et Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation (50%). Launched on 6 May 2012. International French language news television channel owned by Government of France.

Are there any free to air channels in Badr?

List of free-to-air and encrypted satellite television channels. Badr 4, Badr 5, Badr 6 and Badr 7. عربسات بدر 29 July 2020. TP On.