What is the Bear Method?

What is the Bear Method?

The Method sports the Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs as do the more expensive Motive bows by Bear. These limbs are connected to the riser with the Zero Tolerance Limb Pockets. There is an interference fit created with the limb pockets with the limb, boot, and pocket that eliminates any limb movement in the pocket.

How fast does a bear attitude shoot?

The Attitude is not too fast, but it does shoot 310 feet per second, which is not setting any records, but is still preforming well enough for hunting situations.

What year is the bear charge bow?

Bear Charge Specifications

Version Brace height Mass weight
Version: 2011
2011 7.75 “ 3.7 lbs
Version: 2010
2010 7.75 “ 3.7 lbs

Are Bear bows good quality?

They are plenty quiet for hunting or any kind of shooting you want to do. It’s very hard to say how quiet they are because so many factors cause differences in how loud a bow is. Arrow weight, draw lenght, string accessories, if it’s tuned properly even your surroundings can make a bow seem quieter or louder.

Is the bear charge a good bow?

Bear Charge is a smooth, reliable & forgiving hunting bow at a great price. If you think you know how it feels to shoot a killer bow – shoot a Charge….

Limbs: Flared quad limbs
Speed: 305 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 30 inches
Brace Height: 7.75 inches

How much do bear bows cost?

Bear bows for sale

Model Prices, USD Years
Crux $149.99 – $299.99 2015
Cruzer $249.99 – $360.89 2015 – 2018
Cruzer Lite Want to Buy? 2016 – 2018
Divergent $549.99 – $1000.00 2019 – 2020

Are Bear bows made in China?

Bear bows are made in Gainesville, Florida. your local shop must be run by idiots. That still doesn’t mean the company can’t be owned by someone from China.

How good are Bear bows?

The Legit bow is quick and easy to adjust from child to adult, with options to fit just about every size in between. It’s light, compact, and wears a price tag that’s hard to beat, particularly for a ready-to-hunt package. The Legit bow fit my 8-year-old son equally well with a quick and simple adjustment.

How many FPS does a bear bow have?

He was a pioneer in the sport of bow hunting, patenting both a shooting glove and quiver in the 1940’s. He also won numerous target archery competitions. Bear Archery continues its fine tradition of creating quality compound bows. They currently feature thirteen models, ranging from 345 fps (feet per second) to 290 fps.

How to adjust the draw length on a bear compound bow?

They currently feature thirteen models, ranging from 345 fps (feet per second) to 290 fps. Depending on the model, they each have a different draw length: The draw weight and draw length are two different measurements, as you can see. Draw weight is adjusted using bolts that you can turn to either increase or decrease your weight limit.

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How do you tighten cams on Bear bow?

Using a hexagonal wrench or an Allen wrench, carefully loosen the bolts on the existing cams. Gently lift up the cams off the risers. Place the new cams on the risers according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions and tighten the bolts. Then you’re ready to restring your bow.