What is sporcle?

What is sporcle?

Sporcle is a trivia website which allows users to take quizzes on a range of subjects using the web or a mobile device. Sporcle began operations as an online trivia website, launching on January 30, 2007, and expanding into the pub quiz business in 2013.

Is sporcle com safe?

The official quizzes tend to be safe language-wise but the comments section may contain unmoderated language, including “damn.” Also, user-submitted quizzes can also appear in the app; these sometimes contain objectionable language.

How much does sporcle cost?

It’s free and the hosts don’t bite… much. Play alone or with friends, either way we are not here to judge. We play two games in a night, which is awesome cause it gives you twice the chances to win.

How does sporcle make money?

Our pricing is one of the more unique things that we provide to our partnered venues. Instead of charging you an arbitrary flat rate (like most trivia companies) – no matter how many butts they are putting into your seats – Sporcle charges you based on how many people are playing trivia that night.

Who owns sporcle?

Sporcle, Inc.4 July 2007

Is the Sporcle App good?

No matter your preferred type of quizzes, Sporcle guarantees hours of trivia entertainment. This trivia app is only 13.5MB. In addition, it has a very user-friendly interface that enables users to scroll through the questions in minutes. You will not need to seek any help because the categories are all well marked.

How does Sporcle make money?

Do you have to pay for Sporcle?

You don’t need one to play on Sporcle but here are six reasons why you want one. Get email alerts for new and popular games And hey, it’s free and easy, so go ahead.

What is the best website quiz?

List of the 20 Top Fun Quiz Sites

  • Mentalfloss.Com. 15100000. Mentalfloss.Com the #1 Most Popular Fun Quiz Website.
  • Zimbio.Com. 7900000. Zimbio.Com the #2 Most Popular Fun Quiz Website.
  • Magiquiz.Com. 5900000.
  • Playbuzz.Com. 5100000.
  • Sporcle.Com. 3700000.
  • 16Personalities.Com. 3500000.
  • Quotev.Com. 2400000.
  • Brainfall.Com. 1800000.

Where can I play trivia online?

How do you play trivia virtually with friends?

  • 1 – Water Cooler Trivia. Water Cooler Trivia has become the go-to tool for fun among social and work groups.
  • 2 – Random Trivia Generator.
  • 3 – Trivvy.
  • 4 – QuizUp.
  • 5 – Kahoot.
  • 6 – Name The States.
  • 7 – TriviaMaker.
  • 8 – Online Jeopardy.

How much do Sporcle hosts make?

Average Sporcle Host/Hostess hourly pay in the United States is approximately $21.57, which is 81% above the national average.