What is Sigma Lambda Gamma known for?

What is Sigma Lambda Gamma known for?

Sigma Lambda Gamma (ΣΛΓ) (also known as Gammas or SLG) is a historically Latina-based national sorority with multicultural membership founded on April 9, 1990, at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa by five collegiate womyn who wanted an organization to empower all womyn.

How much does it cost to join Sigma Lambda Gamma?

Alumna-at-large dues are $65 per year and in an effort to streamline this payment, alumna-at-large dues must be made between August 1st-31st of each year to be considered in good standing for that academic year.

What council is Sigma Lambda Gamma in?

University of Iowa Panhellenic Council
History. In fall of 1989, a group of women met to form an organization that would provide empowerment to Latina women. By April 9, 1990, the University of Iowa Panhellenic Council officially recognized the organization as a sorority, which Sigma Lambda Gamma celebrates as their founding date.

What schools have Sigma Lambda Gamma?

Alpha Gamma – Psi Gamma

Chapter College/University Location
Lambda Gamma University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming
Mu Gamma University of California-Davis Davis, California
Nu Gamma University of Colorado-Boulder Boulder, Colorado
Xi Gamma California State University-Sacramento Sacramento, California

Is Sigma Lambda Gamma a social sorority?

Founded in 1990 at the University of Iowa, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. is a historically Latina-based multicultural social sorority committed to its five principles of Academics, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, Social Interaction, and Morals & Ethics.

How do I join Sigma Lambda Gamma?

In order to participate in the Sigma Lambda Gamma Expansion Process, the individuals involved must meet our membership requirements:

  1. Full-time undergraduate student at the potential host institution.
  2. A cumulative 2.6 GPA on a 4.0 scale and a minimum of 12 college credit hours completed.

When was Sigma Lambda Gamma founded?

April 9, 1990
Sigma Lambda Gamma/Founded
On April 9, 1990 at the University of Iowa, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated was founded to provide academic and social support to women of all cultures.

Where was Sigma Lambda Gamma founded?

How prestigious is Sigma Alpha Lambda?

“First in Scholarship and Leadership” As the premier nationally recognized honor society for adult learners with a 70 year established history in higher education, Alpha Sigma Lambda represents the top non-traditional students for more than 300 institutions across the United States.