What is SF short for?

What is SF short for?

Square Foot/Feet. SF. Source Forge (web site)

What is SF in category?

Category:Science fiction – Wikipedia.

What is full form of SF?

SF – Store and Forward. SF – Significant Figures.

What does SF SB mean?

Shared File Synchronization Block. SFSB. Simple Financial Site Builder (software)

What does SF mean in military?

Special Forces
Army.mil/News. The Army’s Special Forces (SF) make up a unique, unconventional, combat arms organization. Highly trained and seasoned professionals – they are the most versatile Special Operations (SO) soldiers in the world.

What does SF mean in banking?

BSA Forms

Acronym Definition
FBAR Foreign Bank Account Report
SAR Suspicious Activity Report
SAR-C Suspicious Activity Report for Casinos and Card Clubs
SAR-SF Suspicious Activity Report by Securities and Futures Industries

What does SF mean in engineering?

RCP. Reinforced Concrete Pipe. SF. Square feet or square foot ā€“ measurement of area.

What does SF mean in ratings?

Fitch Ratings-New York/London-03 April 2020: Fitch Ratings is updating its rating assumptions for all global structured finance (SF) sectors to incorporate the economic impact of the coronavirus and the related mitigation measures.

What does SF stand for on blueprints?

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe. RCP. Reinforced Concrete Pipe. SF. Square feet or square foot ā€“ measurement of area.

What does “SF” mean in text messages?

You came to the right place to find out what SF means. SF means: “Surfer Friendly Or Science Fiction” PS. We shorten and abbreviate words and sentences everywhere these days.

What does SF mean in slang?

So now you know – SF means “Science Fiction” or “San Francisco” – don’t thank us. YW! What does SF mean? SF is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SF definition is given.

What does the medical abbreviation SF mean?

This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of SF explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. SF Stands For : Serious Fall | Swine Flu | Scatter Factor | Sandals And Feet | Spew Factor | Spinal fluid | Superior Feel.

What does S F mean?

The meaning of SF&F abbreviation is “Science Fiction & Fantasy”. What is SF&F abbreviation? One of the definitions of SF&F is “Science Fiction & Fantasy”. What does SF&F mean? SF&F as abbreviation means “Science Fiction & Fantasy”.