What is RockShox Dual Position Air?

What is RockShox Dual Position Air?

Dual Position Air is another proprietary RockShox technology and is a type of air spring that allows for travel to changed between two travel lengths through a lever on the crown. It acts in the same way as a solo air spring but gives the rider greater choice on a ride.

How does RockShox Dual Position Air work?

The model with “Dual Position Air” has a travel adjust lever on the left side. All levers impress with their positive action and function. The RCT3 feature allows the rider to switch between three different damping settings: open, pedal and climb.

Can you adjust travel on RockShox revelation?

According to the service manual, you cant adjust the travel on the dual air shaft forks. In the solo air shaft forks you can increase it by changing to a long air shaft.

What is Dual Position Air fork?

Dual Position technology gives you the ability to adjust your forks travel up to 30mm without affecting its small bump performance. With a simple turn and click you can switch from climbing mode to bombing downhill with confidence. Click here to view all of our Dual Position options.

How do you inflate a dual air fork?

remove the pump from the fork, then thread it onto the negative spring air valve, located at the bottom of the fork leg. inflate the negative spring to the same pressure as the positive spring. Remove the pump from the negative spring air valve. At this point, the fork is set up to your rider weight range.

Can you increase fork travel?

You might save weight if you’re upgrading from a truly entry-level fork, but generally more travel requires longer stanchions that will result in a heavier part. As forks get longer, stanchions also increase in diameter to prevent the fork from flexing like a wet noodle.

Can you reduce travel on a MTB fork?

theoretically yes, though it is more about reduced leverage than overlap as such; the bushings in the lowers will be the same length whatever you do. There are other variables in the stiffness of the fork such as the arch, type of dropout/axle, size of disc rotor….

What Is a Solo Air fork?

Solo Air’s design lets you add air to your forks … Solo Air’s design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve, filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. This gives you a plush, predictable ride.

Do rockshox forks come with a pump?

They all come with a pump unless your shop or E-retailer pumped you.

What’s the difference between RockShox revelation RLT and RCT3?

Rockshox Revelation RL, RLT or RCT3 Looking for new forks I have a history of destroying forks so durability a must! It would be great to have some travel adjust (i.e. duel position) for climbing although from what I can make out none of these have that function – not essential but nice to have. For hardtail with agressive type XC riding.

How much does a RockShox revelation RLT Ti weigh?

My RLT is the 150mm version with spacers for 110mm and 130mm travel set-ups. It’s also the Dual Air version which weighed in at less than 1700 grams once the steering tube was cut to the correct length. All told I shaved 170 grams off my previous set-up – not too shabby for a long-legged trail fork.

How long does it take to set up RockShox revelation?

The Dual Air system deserves a lot of credit for keeping things light and simple; for now Rockshox can claim to have the lightest dual air system available. Installing and setting up the Revelation is really simple and if you have the tools to do the job, it should take about 30 minutes or less.

What kind of wheels does the revelation RLT have?

The RLT is offered in a vast array of configurations: three travel options, a dual position option, axle choices (QR9, Maxle Lite 15, and Maxle Lite 20), and steering tube options. The axle choices in particular are great since it means you won’t need to get new wheels when you upgrade to this fork.