What is restricted use stock in SAP?

What is restricted use stock in SAP?

Mostly Ristricted stock is used to take care of materials that are failed in quality inspection or if the materials need special treatment and if this stock should not be used by anyone then you can move this stock to Restricted stock and decide on how to proceed.

How do I move a stock to restricted in SAP?

If the batch is not accepted, you can change the status to restricted and use movement type 321 to make a transfer posting from quality inspection stock. As the status is restricted the system automatically posts the batch to restricted-use stock.

How do you scrap restricted stock in SAP?

We know, we can go to MSC2N change batch status back to unrestricted and then scrap the stock via Movement Type 551.

How do you move a stock from unrestricted to blocked in SAP?

Choose the movement type 451 (Returns from customer without Shipping). If blocked stock returns are to be transferred into your company’s own stock, you enter the transfer as a transfer posting. Choose movement type 453 (to unrestricted-use stock), 457 (to stock in quality inspection stock), or 459 (to blocked stock).

How do I find a blocked stock in SAP?

Instructions on pulling a blocked stock report: Go into the MB52 transaction code. In the section Database Selections, enter the Plant and Storage Location of the area you wish to see blocked stock. At the very bottom of the screen, in the section Display Options, select Non-Hierarchial Display.

How do you restrict a batch in SAP?


  1. From the Material Master menu, choose Batch Change.
  2. On the initial screen, enter the batch data.
  3. Select or deselect the indicator restricted-use .

How do you Unrestrict a batch in SAP?

How do I move material from restricted to unrestricted?

You can change the restricted stock to unrestricted stock of a batch in change batch transaction(T. Code MSC2N). In the basic data tab of the batch you will find two radio buttons Restricted use and unrestricted use. As you have set the status to unrestricted and save.

How do I view blocked stocks in SAP?

What is the new Tcode for MB1C?

As we know it is being used in the SAP MM-IM (Inventory Management in MM) component which is coming under MM module (Material Management)….Transaction MB1C technical data table.

Tcode MB1C
Purpose Other Goods Receipts
Module MM
Component MM-IM
SAP Package MB

What is GR blocked stock?

Gr Blocked Stock : Gr blocked stock is a stock which we accept it on conditional basis. Suppose you order a material for which quality check certificate is not received along with the material. So you put the material in Gr blocked stock using movement type 103.

How does restricted use stock work in SAP?

What is important to point is that restricted/unrestricted status is linked to the batch itself and not to a given quantity; for instance, you can block 10 lb of a 100 lb batch using MB1B 344 movement type but the status “restricted” can be applied to the whole batch only, with transaction MSC2N.

How to post a document to restricted use in SAP?

On the initial screen, enter the batch data. Select or deselect the indicator restricted-use . A posting is made which transfers the stock of the given batch from the unrestricted-use stock to the restricted-use stock or vice versa. At the same time a material document is created.

Can you have unrestricted use and restricted use stock?

It is not possible to have both unrestricted-use stock and restricted-use stock for the same batch. If a partial quantity of an unrestricted batch is to be managed as a restricted batch, you must transfer this partial quantity to another batch (using a transfer posting).

When to post a batch to restricted use stock?

Specifies that the batch is included in restricted-use stock. If, though a batch has the status “restricted”, you want to use a goods movement to post a quantity to unrestricted-use stock, the quantity is posted to restricted-use stock and not to unrestricted-use stock.