What is OTCEI PPT?

What is OTCEI PPT?

OTCEI  Over The Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) can be defined as a stock exchange without a proper trading floor.  All stock exchange have a specific place for trading their securities through counters.

What is OTCEI and its features?

The Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) is an Indian electronic stock exchange composed of small- and mid-cap companies. The purpose of the OTCEI is for smaller companies to raise capital, which they cannot do at the national exchanges due to their inability to meet the exchange requirements.

What is the method of trading in OTCEI?

Method of trading in OTCEI is Screen based- Code driven.

Who are the promoters of OTCEI?

OTCEI is promoted by the Unit Trust of India, the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, the Industrial Development Bank of India, the Industrial Finance Corporation of India, and other institutions, and is a recognised stock exchange under the SCR Act.

Who are members of OTCEI?

This company was promoted by a group of financial institutions owned by the Government of India, consisting of UTI, ICICI, IDBI, SBI Capital Market, IFCI, LIC, GIC; and Can Bank Financial Services (which is a subsidiary of Canara Bank).

What is OTCEI and how it is different from other stock exchanges?

OTCEI (Over the Counter Exchange of India) is the fully computerized and transparent stock exchange operates in India (similar to NASDAQ in US). OTCEI was incorporated in the year 1990 to aim for creating a fair and transparent market for the transaction of the securities in India.

What is OTCEI and NSE?

Trading is done on Floor in conventional stock exchange, whereas in OTCEI, the trading is done through network or computer system.

How many stocks are listed in OTCEI?

Today, OTCEI has about 115 companies listed and it has successfully provided a platform for enterprises that have built successful brands for themselves such as VIP Advanta, Sonora tiles, etc.

Why is OTCEI closed?

As per Sebi guidelines, an exchange that fails to achieve an annual trading turnover of at least ₹ 1,000 crore is required to apply to the regulator for voluntary surrender of recognition and exit. OTCEI was established on 25 September 1990.

Who is the member of OTCEI?

How many stock are listed in OTCEI?

How is OTCEI different from other exchanges?

Over the Counter or OTC is a decentralized dealer market wherein brokers and dealers transact directly via computer networks and phone. Exchange is an organized and regulated market, wherein trading of stocks takes place between buyers and sellers in a safe, transparent and systematic manner.