What is NS2 Xgraph?

What is NS2 Xgraph?

One part of the ns-allinone package is ‘xgraph’, a plotting program which can be used to create graphic representations of simulation results. In this section, I will show you a simple way how you can create output files in your Tcl scripts which can be used as data sets for xgraph.

How do you plot using Xgraph?

To plot multiple columns from a single file, list the file several times on the command line. For instance to plot columns 3 and 5 against column 2 from file xyz: xgraph -c xyz xyz and respond when prompted with: 2 3 2 5 as the columns for the abscissa and ordinate axes respectively.

Which simulator contains Xgraph tool?


How do I run a .TR file in NS2?

How to Run TCL File in Network Simulator 2

  1. Install NS2 and set the path.
  2. After Installing NS2, go the $prompt and run ns filename.
  3. after the previous statement automatically the .nam and .tr files will be created in the same folder (the tcl file should contain the provision of tracing the nam and trace file..

What is TCL file in NS2?

A configuration file in NS2 is an OTCL file called “TCL Simulation script”. It also contains information about what we would like to simulate like node creation, also topology creation, setting up link etc. A TCL file is also an input configuration file for C++ file. To run the TCL file, use the command.

How do you make a trace file graph in NS2?

How to Generate Graph From Trace File in NS2

  1. System requirements.
  2. Source code for main file.
  3. Open the terminal and verify the installed package.
  4. Change the location.
  5. Execute the main file.
  6. Get the simulation.
  7. Source code for graph generation.
  8. Auto generated trace file.

What is the parent function of a square root equation?

The parent function of a square root function is y = √x. Its graph shows that both its x and y values can never be negative.

What is out TR in NS2?

Trace file is written by an application for storing whole information in a network. For generating trace file in NS2,we require the file to be written in OTCL Script.

What is TR file in NS2?

The file written by an application (or by the Coverage Server) to store coverage information or overall network information and In NS2 , it is called as Trace File. we have to create a trace file in Otcl script. …

Why .TCL is used in NS2?

In ns2, C++ is used for detailed protocol implementation and Otcl is used for the setup. The compiled C++ objects are made available to the Otcl interpreter and in this way, the ready-made C++ objects can be controlled from the OTcl level.