What is incompatible interaction?

What is incompatible interaction?

During an incompatible interaction, plant resistance can trigger a hypersensitive response (HR), which is a programmed cell death response at the site of pathogen entry and which restricts further progression of the pathogen (Glazebrook 2005).

What is an example of incompatible?

The definition of incompatible is things or people that cannot coexist well or that do not go well together. Two opposing ideas are an example of ideas that are incompatible. A person who is very neat and a person who is very messy are examples of people who are incompatible.

What does it mean when two things are incompatible?

If one thing or person is incompatible with another, they are very different in important ways, and do not suit each other or agree with each other.

What is the difference between compatible and incompatible?

In compatible relationships, people have similar fundamental beliefs and norms of behavior. The difference between right and wrong, or acceptable and unacceptable, is mostly understood by both without explanation. In incompatible relationships, people’s beliefs and norms of behavior differ significantly.

What is compatible reaction?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chemical compatibility is a measure of how stable a substance is when mixed with another substance. If two substances can mix together and undergo a chemical reaction, they are considered incompatible.

What are incompatible behaviors?

What is an “incompatible behavior?” What is an “Incompatible Behavior?” Simply put, we mean train your dog to give you a behavior you do want or a “good behavior”, and replace that behavior for the undesired or “bad behavior”.

What is an incompatibility?

1a : the quality or state of being incompatible. b : lack of interfertility between two plants. 2 incompatibilities plural : mutually antagonistic things or qualities.

What is Disimilarities?

: the quality or state of being dissimilar : difference in appearance or nature … a recurrent trope in Hanks’s stories is stressing the dissimilarity of life to cinema: lovers worry that they have become “like characters in a movie”; siblings close in age refuse to dress “like twins in some movie”.—

What does mean by incompatible?

1 : not compatible: such as. a : incapable of association or harmonious coexistence incompatible colors. b : unsuitable for use together because of undesirable chemical or physiological effects incompatible drugs.

What does incompatibility mean?

How is the word’incompatible’used in a sentence?

Examples of incompatible in a Sentence This printer is incompatible with some PCs. the committee’s incompatible goals—develop new projects and cut costs—meant that they got very little accomplished

Are there any behaviors that are incompatible with one another?

These two behaviors are incompatible with one another. Some behaviors are compatible and some are not. For example, a dog can jump in the air and grab a frisbee with his teeth at the same time.

Which is the best definition of drug incompatibility?

Drug incompatibility Prescrire 1997;17:506 Bradley JS et al. Pediatrics 2009;123:609-13 PEROXIDES Helbock H et al. Pediatrics 1993;91;83-7 10 11 pH AND DRUGS

What’s the best definition of interaction for kids?

Kids Definition of interaction. 1 : the act of talking or doing things with other people Board games encourage interaction. 2 : the action or influence of things on one another interaction of the heart and lungs.