What is IBM Storwize V3700?

What is IBM Storwize V3700?

IBM Storwize V3700 Storage System for Lenovo (Machine Type 6099) is a member of the IBM Storwize family of disk systems. Storwize V3700 supports up to 240 drives with up to nine external expansion units.

What is Storwize V5000?

IBM Storwize V5000 is a highly flexible, easy to use virtualized storage system that enables midsize organizations to meet the challenges of rapid data growth and limited IT budgets.

Which RAID levels are supported on the V7000?

A Storwize V7000 Gen1 control enclosure supports up to 240 drives with RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. A system can contain up to four control enclosures. A Storwize V7000 Gen2 control enclosure supports up to 504 drives, but there can be only 1056 drives per system.

What is canister in IBM storage?

Each Storwize V7000 single processing unit is a node canister , which is also called a node . The two nodes within their canisters make an I/O group that is attached to the SAN fabric. In a Storwize V7000 Unified system, the file modules host the management interface for the system, including the GUI and CLI.

How do I access IBM Storwize V3700?

Go to www.ibm.com/storage/support/storwize/v3700, search for Storwize V3700, and click the documentation link.

How do I turn on IBM Storwize V3700?


  1. Power on all expansion enclosures by connecting both power supply units of an enclosure to their power sources with the proper power cords.
  2. On each expansion canister, check the LEDs, which are displayed in Figure 1.
  3. Wait for all expansion canisters to finish powering on.

What is the default warranty for the FlashSystem 7200 H?

Note: The 2076-U7C model is an IBM FlashSystem 7200 solution with a 3-year warranty, and is intended for the Storage Utility Offering space.

What is the maximum number of host port adapter cards that can the FlashSystem 7200 H supports?

A single FlashSystem 7200 Model 824 control enclosure can support up to 20 FlashSystem 7000 expansion enclosures with a maximum of 760 drives per system.

How do I update IBM Storwize V3700 firmware?

Go to http://www.ibm.com/storage/support/storwize/v3700 to locate and download the firmware upgrade file to the system.

  1. To upgrade the drives, select Pools > Internal Storage in the management GUI.
  2. To upgrade all drives, select Actions > Upgrade All.

How do I turn off my V3700?

To power off your Storwize V3700 system, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop all host I/O to volumes on the system.
  2. Shut down the system by using the management GUI.
  3. Wait for the power LED on both node canisters in the control enclosure to blink at 1 Hz, which indicates that the shutdown operation has completed.

How do I turn off IBM v7000?

Shut down the system from the management GUI. Click Monitoring > System. From the Actions menu, select Power off. Wait for the power LEDs on all node canisters (Figure 2) in all control enclosures to blink at 1 Hz, indicating the shutdown operation is complete.

How do I shut down V3700?