What is GloLite?

What is GloLite?

The GloLite by PartyLite® collection is made with an exclusive wax blend that causes each candle to light up from top to bottom with an unbeatable glow. Infused with selected PartyLite fragrances so you can enjoy exquisite aroma and beautiful, bright light.

What is the brightest candle?

We have tested the lumens – units that measure candlelight – of this wax technology against all of our competitors. The result was that GloLites produce more lumens than any other candle on the market, officially making them the World’s Brightest Candle™.

Is it cheaper to light your house with candles?

Candles are considered to be cheaper than electric power One advantage of using candles instead of electricity to light your home is that candles are usually cheaper, at least in most regions of our planet.

How can I increase my candle light?

Mirrors, a reflector behind your lantern or lamp, or crystals (lead glass) to pick up the light and sparkle, will all help boost the apparent light your candlepower is giving off.

Are candles more environmentally friendly than lights?

As Australian blogger Enoch the Red pointed out after last year’s Earth Hour that an average Australian who tries to replace all the light produced by an incandescent bulb with light cast by parrifin candles will result in about 10 times the greenhouse emissions.

Is it OK to sleep with a candle on?

Most candles will have burning instructions that say to only burn three or four hours at a time. The problem with sleeping with a lit candle is that a candle burning in a container will get hotter and hotter as it burns. Even if the glass candle does not break it can scorch the tabletop.

Why does salt make candles burn longer?

Adding salt serves the same purpose as putting the candle in the freezer—it slows down the rate at which the wax melts, giving you a longer, more economical burn. When you use salt in addition to the freezing method, you’re doing all that can be done to squeeze extra time out of a candle.

Do lanterns make candles brighter?

A candle in a glass holder will also be brighter as the light inside will be refracted. A large candle like this, placed in a glass lantern, will offer a surprising amount of light.

Is paraffin bad for environment?

You see, most are made from cheap paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product of crude oil, and emit large amounts of particulate pollution when burned — a major ingredient in air pollution. …

Is lighting a candle bad for the environment?

Some lead core wick candles emit lead levels in excess of 3,000 micrograms per hour – about seven times the rate considered unsafe. On top of all this are some of the synthetic chemicals that are used in scented candles which can also give off environmentally damaging emissions.

Can tea lights cause fire?

Tea-lights are cheap and small but are just as dangerous as other candles so treat them with the same caution. Tea-lights come in their own little metal pots, which can get very hot. They can melt through plastic and have the potential to start a house fire.

Is it good to light a candle before bed?

Supports a restful sleep In the 21st Century, candlelight evenings are incredibly beneficial for maintaining natural sleep rhythms. Practicing good sleep hygiene means limiting blue light by disconnecting from technology at a certain time each day.