What is etm testing?

What is etm testing?

IBM® Engineering Test Management™ is a collaborative, web-based, quality management solution that offers comprehensive test planning and test asset management from requirements to defects. Built on the Jazz platform, it enables teams to seamlessly share information.

What is ibm’s single platform for test automation?

IBM® Rational® Solution for Test Automation V10. 1 is designed to enable continuous testing and faster software delivery across the enterprise.

Which one of the following tools can be used for maintaining test process?

qTest is one of the most popular tools for Agile and QA teams. It offers software testing teams with an easy to learn, easy to use and scalable test management solution that integrates well with Jira, ALM tools and automation tools. Some of the key features include: Test case management.

What is a Volvo ETM?

Volvos affected by the electronic throttle module (“ETM”) are 1999-2002 models (US model years). Before 1999, Volvo used a good old mechanical set of parts to control the throttle. In 1999, they switched to a “fly-by-wire” module… this problematic ETM. This design affects almost a half-million Volvo gasoline cars.

What is a software testing tool?

Software Testing tools are the tools which are used for the testing of software. Software testing tools are often used to assure firmness, thoroughness and performance in testing software products. The quality of the software is evaluated by software testers with the help of various testing tools.

What is qTest in software?

qTest is a test management tool used for Project Management, Bug Tracking, and Test Management. It follows the centralized test management concept that helps to communicate easily and assists in rapid development of task across QA team and other stakeholders. qTest is a cloud based tool and was developed by QASymphony.

What is an ETM in a vehicle?

The Electronic Torque Manager (ETM ), developed and. manufactured by GKN Driveline, provides an innovative. solution to driveline torque distribution as well as. enhanced vehicle stability combined with adaptive. control strategies.

What is ETM in Volvo?