What is AVCC and Aref?

What is AVCC and Aref?

AVCC is the supply voltage and AREF sets the reference voltage that can be diferent from AVCC.

What is ATmega328 AVCC?

AVCC is power for the analog circuitry (Port C pins and internal A/D) in the Atmega. L1 is an inductor intended to make cleaner analog power. That is the old serial Arduino too. Newer ones have USB interface instead, with AVCC connected to VCC.

What is AVCC used for?

AVCC is the supply voltage pin for the A/D Converter, Port C (3.. 0), and ADC (7.. 6). It should be externally connected to VCC, even if the ADC is not used.

What does 328 mean in ATmega328?

ATmega328 Registers ATmega-328 has thirty-two (32) General Purpose (GP) registers. These all of the registers are part of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM).

What is 3VCC voltage?

AVCC – Min 3.376V – Max 3.392V – Average 3.380V. 3VCC – Min 3.312V – Max 3.376V – Average 3.329V. +12V – Min 11.808V – Maximum 12.096V – Average 11.923V.

How much flash memory does the ATMega328 have?

The Atmega328 has 32K bytes of flash memory.

What is the maximum speed of an ATMega328 microcontroller?

20 MHz

Parameter Value
CPU type 8-bit AVR
Maximum CPU speed 20 MHz
Performance 20 MIPS at 20 MHz
Flash memory 32 KB

What does AVCC mean?


Acronym Definition
AVCC Audio Video Control Center
AVCC Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce (Apple Valley, MN)
AVCC Average Carbonaceous Chondrites
AVCC Armuchee Valley Community Center (Villanow, GA)

How much flash memory does the Atmega328 have?

What is the maximum speed of an Atmega328 microcontroller?

What is a good PSU voltage?

All voltage values should be within +/- . 5%; for example, the 12v reading can be about 11.7-12.3; anywhere within that range is acceptable.

What are good PSU voltages?

Power Supply Voltage Tolerances (ATX v2. 2)

PSU Tolerance Table
Voltage Rail Tolerance Minimum Voltage
+3.3VDC ± 5% +3.135 VDC
+5VDC ± 5% +4.750 VDC
+5VSB ± 5% +4.750 VDC

How is Vref measured on an ATmega328 ADC?

In either case, the external AREF pin is directly connected to the ADC, and the reference voltage can be made more immune to noise by connecting a capacitor between the AREF pin and ground. VREF can also be measured at the AREF pin with a high impedant voltmeter.

When to switch from Aref to internal AVCC?

The application would benefit from the increased resolution of switching to 1.8V AREF when sampling the 1.8V sensors and switching to the internal AVCC reference for the 5V sensors.

Is there an internal 32K resistor in ATmega328?

The ATMega328 datasheet confirms the “internal 32k resistor” reference in table 29.16 ADC Characteristics with: Reference Input Resistance = 32 kOhm. That being said, the above two statements seem to be somewhat in opposition to one another.

How is the AVCC connected to the ADC?

AVCC is connected to the ADC through a passive switch. The internal 2.56V reference is generated from the internal bandgap reference (VBG) through an internal amplifier.