What is AMM in IBM BladeCenter?

What is AMM in IBM BladeCenter?

The advanced management module is a hot-swap BladeCenter module that you use to configure and manage all installed BladeCenter components. The advanced management module provides system-management functions and keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) multiplexing for all the blade servers in a BladeCenter chassis that support KVM.

How do I access IBM AMM?

Use the advanced management module service data tool to collect information for analysis by IBM® service personnel. To access the service data tool from the advanced management module Web interface, click Service Tools > AMM Service Data .

How do I collect AMM service data?

  1. AMM Service Data. Select Service Tools → AMM Service Data to view or download information collected in the service data capture file.
  2. Blade Service Data. Select Service Tools → Blade Service Data to view a table of all the blade servers in the BladeCenter unit.
  3. AMM Status.
  4. Service Advisor.

How do you reset AMM?


  1. Reset the network configuration: Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds or less.
  2. Reset the entire management module (including user IDs and passwords) to the factory defaults. This requires a sequence of presses and releases: Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.

How do I access the IBM Bladecenter console?

Launching the Web console for a remote system

  1. Select Integrated Server Administration from IBM Navigator for i .
  2. Select Remote Systems.
  3. Click the menu icon for a remote system configuration from the list available and select Launch Web console.
  4. Click the Web Console link on the Launch Web Console page.

How do I get my IMM DSA logs?

Use the following steps to collect service data using Integrated Management Module (IMM).

  1. Log in to the IMM web management interface.
  2. Click the Service and Support menu, then Download Service Data as shown in the following figure.
  3. Click the button Download Now as shown in the following figure.

How do I collect Xcc service data?

Use the XClarity Controller (XCC) to collect service data

  1. Log in to XClarity Controller web management interface.
  2. At the Home page, look for the Quick Actions card.
  3. Click on the Service dropdown menu, then Download Service Data.
  4. Click OK when prompted.

How do I reset my IBM CMM password?

A stored username/password in the backplane overrides the CMM username/password. To reset the backplane: Hold the IP reset button in for 5 seconds. Release for 5 seconds.

How do I take console out of IBM server?

Start the Management Console server from the Windows Start menu by clicking IBM Management Console for IMS and DB2 for zOS > Start Management Console Web Server. A DOS window provides information about the server start process.

How do I check my DSA logs?

The output from the dsa.exe command indicates the name of the directory; it is based on the converted file name. Open the index. html file in the new directory to view the DSA log in a readable format.

How do I collect DSA logs in ESXi?

How To – Collect IBM DSA Logs from ESXi Hosts

  1. Download the appropriate version of the IBM VMware portable DSA utility.
  2. Using VI Client, locate the host and browse one of its datastores:
  3. Upload the downloaded file to the datastore above, using the Datastore Browser.

How do I collect DSA logs?


  1. Make sure your USB drive is attached to the machine, and start Preboot DSA.
  2. Select Quit to DSA to exit from the stand-alone memory diagnostic program.
  3. Type cmd at the prompt.
  4. Select 1- Data Collection to allow the program to run the collector.
  5. DSA will run and collect your system’s information.