What is a two point tremolo bridge?

What is a two point tremolo bridge?

To clarify, the vintage style six screw tremolo bridge is a rocking type of bridge. In turn , the two point tremolo is a floating or pivoting type. Because of the mechanical friction difference, they both act the same on the strings, but with a real difference in feel.

What is a fulcrum tremolo?

A fulcrum tremolo uses string pull above and spring pull below, equalized across the pivot, to be level. There is no back plate to cover the springs with because there is no body through route needed. It’s simply a frame with a CAM through the center.

Is a 2 point tremolo floating?

In an ideal world, as far as modern 2-point tremolos or PRS-style trem bridges are concerned, your trem baseplate should be parallel with your guitar’s body. Vintage-style bridges will be at a slight angle, as they are not truly floating, with the back raised some 3-6mm, while the front is making contact with the body.

What is a floating tremolo?

Floating Vibrato. Floating vibrato systems are generally described as any tremolo system where you can both adjust the guitar’s pitch up or down with the bar. In these setups, the guitar’s bridge is actually suspended, or “floating” in the guitar’s body when the bar is not being used.

How many screws are in a two point tremolo?

1 simple method to tighten loose skin. Do this every day to make loose skin tight again (no creams needed). A two point tremolo has two mounting points that attach it to the guitar’s body. These could be bolts or screws. A six screw has six screws holding it in place.

What are the pivot points on a Fender two point synchronized tremolo?

Fender, inspired by the Floyd Rose, uses a knife-edge design for the two pivot points that rock on the two studs mounted into the body. The Fender 2-point synchronized tremolo also featured solid string block saddles as opposed to the bent steel saddles on Fender’s vintage tremolo unit.

How to adjust the 2 point tremolo on a Fender Stratocaster?

This is from Fender on how to adjust the 2 point Tremolo correctly. For a two-pivot model such as the American Series bridge, use your tremolo arm to pull the bridge back flush with the body and adjust the two pivot screws to the point where the tremolo plate sits entirely flush at the body (not lifted at the front or back of the plate).

Why are there two points on a trem?

With the two points you are able to lower them down(and the bridge plate) and raise the action back to normal. This really shouldnt be an issue. The “two-points” on the trem are adjustable screws which you can raise and lower. I don’t think you will have any trouble getting the bridge to be flush to the body.