What is a mini cask?

What is a mini cask?

Mini-casks are small versions of the 9-gallon casks we send to pubs, filled exactly the same way with the same beer and live yeasts that give it a soft carbonation (or ‘conditioning’) to the beer.

Whats the difference between a mini keg and a mini cask?

So, unlike a mini cask, a mini keg doesn’t need to settle before opening – you can pour it straight away. As the beer is no longer ‘live’, it has a much longer life than casks (around 9 months) so you can store it away for when you need it!

How long do mini casks last?

Please note: Mini casks and polypins have a shelf-life of at least 6 weeks if unopened. Once opened they will be good for at least 5 days – or longer if you’re lucky.

Are mini kegs better than cans?

Mini-keg benefits to brewers and drinkers We now have an inhouse sector expert, Scott Wilkins, with an encyclopedic knowledge of brewers’ packaging needs. Quite simply, this mini-keg is superior to using glass bottles, ringpull cans, growlers, polypins, minipins or a bag-in-a-box when it comes to ease of use.

How do you keep a mini keg cold?

Wrap Up

  1. MAINTAIN KEG TEMPERATURE – thick insulated neoprene material keeps your keg cool for 8+ hours.
  2. WATERPROOF – inside is waterproof so any ice or wetness on the inside won’t leak to the outside.
  3. INSIDE POCKETS – holds ice and freeze packs to keep kegs colder.

Why do bottles taste better than cans?

Because beer cans limit exposure to both light and oxygen, they keep the beer inside fresh and flavorful for longer. When beer is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light for extended periods, it leads to oxidization and an unpleasant “skunky” flavor in the beer. Glass bottles block out some light, but not all.

What kind of beer is in Fyne Ales mini cask?

Keep your beer cool wherever you are with a Fyne Ales mini-cask and mini-keg cool bag plus five litres of our flagship session ale, Jarl, to put in it! Ruling proudly over Glen Fyne and beyond, Jarl is our flagship session blonde ale.

How big is a mini cask of Mumbles beer?

Mumbles Brewery beers are available to enjoy at home in 5 litre (8.799 pints) mini casks. The casks contain the same beer that you get in the pub, complete with the live yeast for an authentic real ale experience.

What’s the difference between a live beer and a mini cask?

All are unfiltered – the yeast remaining inside conditions the beer (adds carbonation) which is why we call it a ‘live’ beer. This means that the mini-casks have a shorter shelf-life than our cans, kegs and bottles, but it’s the freshest way possible to enjoy our beers at home.

How big is a 5 litre mini cask?

It’s the ultimate draught beer-at-home bundle with a five litre mini-cask of our flagship session ale, plus cool bag to keep it at the right temperature & deluxe mini-cask tap to guarantee the perfect pour!