What is a 3 digit airline code?

What is a 3 digit airline code?

3 digit airline ticketing codes are the numbers of an airline which the ticket was issued on its stock. This is usually the same airline as the airline which is carrying out the actual flight. For example: Continental Airlines codes: 2-letter code is CO, 3-letter is COA, and the IATA code is 005.

What airline is prefix 142?

IATA Three Digits AWB Airline Prefix and Two Letters Codes For All Major Airlines

Airline Name IATA AWB Prefix
Tassili Airlines SF 515
TAAG Angola Airlines DT 118
LIAT (1974) LI 140
Air Plus Argentina U3 017

What is AWB prefix?

Airline names are coded with two alpha digits numbers for easy handling. Airway bill number issued by airlines reflects first three numerical digits, represent the name of airlines.

What is IATA airline code?

IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world’s airlines.

Which airline has code as?

IATA Airline codes

IATA code – MAWB IATA code IATA airlines
IATA – 027 IATA – AS Alaska Airlines
IATA – 037 IATA – US USAirways
IATA – 042 IATA – RG VARIG Brazilian Airlines
IATA – 043 IATA – KA Dragonair

What airline is prefix 871?

Suparna Airlines
Airline Code Full Details

Suparna Airlines
Full Name: Suparna Airlines Co., Ltd.
IATA Code: Y8 ICAO Code: YZR ICAO Callsign: Yangtze River
IATA Accounting Code: 871 IATA Prefix Code: Country: China
Website URL www.yzr.com.cn

What airline prefix is 615?

DHL Aviation – General information

Prefix 615
Fleet Size 14 (European Air Transport), 96 (DHL)
Number of Freighters 14
Aerial Destinations Approx. 850

What airline is prefix 117?

Scandinavian Airlines

Sl. No. Airline Name Prefix
78 Scandinavian Airlines 117
79 Srilankan Airlines 603
80 Singapore Airlines 618
81 Thai Airways 217

What airline is prefix 074?

KLM Cargo
KLM Cargo AWB starts with airline prefix ‘074’ followed by eight digits.

What airline is prefix 501?

Silk Way West Airlines

Legal Name “Silk Way West Airlines” LLC
Airline Code 501
IATA Designator 7L
Region Europe