What is 3 Ball Pool called?

What is 3 Ball Pool called?

Carom billiards
Carom billiards,, also called French billiards, game played with three balls (two white and one red) on a table without pockets, in which the object is to drive one of the white balls (cue ball) into both of the other balls.

What are the rules to billiards?

General Playing Rules of Billiards

  • Billiard games use three different coloured balls.
  • Each player should play with their own individual cue ball and cue stick.
  • The red ball gets placed on the billiards spot.
  • Players take turns to score the most points and try to win the game.

What does 3 balled mean?

: relating to or being a golf match in which three players compete against one another with each playing a single ball.

What color is the 3 ball in billiards?


1 solid yellow
2 solid blue
3 solid red
4 solid violet
5 solid orange

Who is the best 3 cushion player ever?

3-Cushion – UMB World Ranking – () – 2/17/19

Rank Players Pts
1 Dick JASPERS 438
2 Marco ZANETTI 336
3 Torbjörn BLOMDAHL 305
4 Eddy MERCKX 282

What happens if the cue ball goes in?

When the cue ball goes into the pocket during your shot, this is considered a foul no matter what rules you’re playing by. Most players and rule books call this a scratch. Bar Rules: Your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere they would like behind the head string.

What happens if you scratch in 3ball?

One variant is that scratching on the last stroke results in all balls pocketed on that shot being spotted and the 1-point penalty stroke being assessed. The incoming player receives ball-in-hand if the preceding opponent fouled.

What number ball is striped blue in the game of pool?

The numbers are printed on the white part. Nine has a yellow stripe; 10 is blue; 11 is red; 12 is purple; 13 is orange; 14 is green; and 15 is burgundy. When learning the colors of the solid balls, just add eight to the number to find its corresponding striped ball.

What does 3 ball mean in the NBA?

Get the 3 Ball neck gaiter and mug. 3 ball specifically is referred to when playing pool. When referring to the NBA they are referring to teams mostly shooting 3 pointers during the game. Most notable teams to shoot a lot of 3 pointers are Houston Rockets and Golden State warriors .

Where is the best place to play three ball?

In some areas and subcultures, such as the Asian-American youth-dominated pool hall scene of San Francisco, California, three-ball is a popular local tournament game.

What’s the game of three ball in pool?

Three-ball. Three-ball (or “3-ball”, colloquially) is a folk game of pool played with any three standard pool object balls and cue ball. The game is frequently gambled upon (typically for a twenty dollars (or equivalent) ante per round). The goal is to pocket ( pot) the three object balls in as few shots as possible.

Are there any official rules for three ball?

There are no widespread official or standardized rules for three-ball, though local tournaments promulgate rulesets that have some sway over area player populations even outside the context of the tournaments. Below are listed the most common, widely accepted rules. The game is played on any pocket billiard table.