What interface works with Logic Pro?

What interface works with Logic Pro?

Logic Pro works with Core Audio–compliant audio devices, including USB, Thunderbolt, FireWire, and PCI audio interfaces. You can connect microphones, electric musical instruments, and other musical equipment to your computer, or to an audio interface or other audio device.

What is the best sounding audio interface?

Best audio interfaces 2021: 12 USB and Thunderbolt options for Mac and PC

  • Audient. iD4 MkII.
  • SSL. 2+ audio interface.
  • Focusrite. Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen.
  • Universal. Audio UAD Apollo Twin MkII.
  • Native. Instruments Komplete Audio 2.
  • Audient. Evo 4.
  • Mackie. Onyx Producer 2.2.
  • Steinberg. UR22C audio interface.

Do you need an interface for logic?

An app that turns our iPhones and iPads into a Control Surface specific to Logic Pro X. A control surface of more depth than any MIDI controller could hope to achieve. But nonetheless, we still need microphones, controllers and audio interfaces.

Does focusrite work with logic?

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre is my best audio interface for logic pro x in this list because its USB range is uniquely designed to offer more exceptional performance, low-noise on mic pres and low distortion. Therefore, the Clarett 2Pre USB is very portable because the user has one less power supply problem to handle.

Can I use two audio interfaces with logic?

You can use multiple audio interfaces simultaneously inside Logic Pro. First, you need to create an aggregate device in the Audio MIDI Setup utility. In the aggregate device list, select your audio interfaces.

Are expensive interfaces worth it?

An expensive audio interface may be a better investment due to its durability, slightly better sound quality, and the features, plugins, and better components that it offers. They also tend to have updated technologies.

Can I use 2 USB audio interfaces at the same time?

You can use multiple audio interfaces simultaneously inside Logic Pro. First, you need to create an aggregate device in the Audio MIDI Setup utility.

What is Pro Tools aggregate?

Pro Tools Aggregate I/O This is an aggregate audio device made up of the built-in input and output to allow access to both at the same time.

What kind of audio interface does Logic Pro X have?

This audio interface offers 8 Channel ADAT optical in, four lines out on the back, and 5-pin MIDI input and output ports. The plugins included from Focusrite are all you need to get started making to add to Logic Pro X, but not break the bank.

Which is the best audio interface for USB?

Bus powered for easy portability, the Scarlett 2i2 comes with a generous software bundle that includes Ableton Live Lite, Pro Tools First, the Focusrite Red 2/Red 3 plug-in suite, plus more from XLN Audio and Softube. A free, 3-month Splice Sounds subscription sweetens the pot further.

What kind of audio interface do I need for my Mac?

Compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS, this 2-in/2-out USB-C audio interface includes ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC technology, which enables you to hear your recording with crystal-clear clarity. And its low-latency performance and great-sounding mic pres make recording a snap. Are you a podcaster?

Is the USB 2.0 interface compatible with PC?

Compatible with both Mac and PC, this 2-in/2-out USB 2.0 interface records at up to 24-bit/96kHz, includes two preamps with combo inputs and phantom power, and an internal analog mixer that blends your direct input with your playback signal for low-latency monitoring.