What happened to Sarah Kerrigan?

What happened to Sarah Kerrigan?

Kerrigan is sent with a detachment of troops to stop the Protoss from interfering with the Zerg rampage, but her position is overrun by the Zerg and she is abandoned by Mengsk. She is eventually captured for infestation after she runs out of ammo. As Raynor deserts Mengsk in disgust, Kerrigan is presumed dead.

How many leviathans does Kerrigan have?

These leviathans are smaller and do not spawn brood lords, scourges or mutalisks. They also only have 1000 hit points and last 4 minutes. Kerrigan has to wait 5 minutes before she can summon another one (4 minutes with ability efficiency)….Upgrades and Abilities.

Hotkey B
Cooldown 6 (WoL) 10 (HotS)

Is Kerrigan alive Reddit?

But Raynor knows Kerrigan is alive, and probably isn’t going to get killed any time soon. So he readily lets her float back into the giant space zerg thingy. Simple as. So to usm up; Raynor did and always did want to kill the QoB, which he succeeded in doing with the added bonus of getting Kerrigan back.

What does Kerrigan do in heart of the swarm?

In the Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm campaign, most missions allow players to control Sarah Kerrigan has a hero unit. As you progress through the campaign, Kerrigan gains levels and unlocks new abilities. Before each mission, you can change Kerrigan’s abilities in order to suit the particular mission you are up against.

What is the heart of the Swarm in Starcraft 2?

Heart of the Swarm is the name of the StarCraft II zerg campaign and episode. It is released separately from the other two games and was priced as an expansion.

What did Kerrigan do with the Leviathan in StarCraft?

When the Moros was set on self-destruct, Kerrigan has the leviathan stabilize the part of the ship where Raynor was being held. The rescue was successful. Kerrigan laid siege to Korhal. After wiping out the Dominion forces outside Augustgrad, the leviathan was brought to the surface.

What kind of rifle does Sarah Kerrigan have?

She initially appears very human, and is armed with a C-20A rifle. After the first three missions of the campaign are completed, she discards her rifle and instead shoots psionic shockwaves from her hands. In Heart of the Swarm, the campaign operates similarly to an RPG.