What happened to Peanut Corporation of America?

What happened to Peanut Corporation of America?

On February 13, 2009, Peanut Corporation of America ceased all manufacturing and business operations, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. As of February 2009, a federal criminal investigation was continuing, and at least a dozen civil lawsuits had been filed.

Which company audited the Peanut Corporation of America and from this audit declined to purchase their products?

NSF officials said that for their audits, this was a low score. But the company that paid for the audit, the insurance giant American International Group, then sold the peanut company insurance to cover the costs of recalling products, according to lawyers for the Peanut Corporation.

How did PCA outbreak happen?

At least 714 people became ill with Salmonella infections and 9 died after eating Salmonella-contaminated peanut products manufactured by Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) and companies that used PCA peanut products as ingredients in 2008 and 2009.

Which of the following serotypes was associated with the peanut outbreak?

A National Outbreak of Salmonella Serotype Tennessee Infections From Contaminated Peanut Butter: A New Food Vehicle for Salmonellosis in the United States.

Which peanut butter had salmonella?

Disease detectives traced the salmonella to a plant in rural Sylvester, Georgia, that produced peanut butter for ConAgra under the Peter Pan label and the Great Value brand sold at Walmart. In 2007, the company recalled all the peanut butter it had sold since 2004.

Has Peter Pan peanut butter been recalled?

The Food and Drug Administration says the outbreak began last summer and was just recently traced to peanut butter made at a single ConAgra plant in Sylvester, Georgia. The spread being recalled was sold under the Peter Pan and Great Value brands.

Which peanut butter has been recalled?

Brand names included in the recall are Target’s Archer Farms, Safeway’s Open Nature, Earth Balance, Fresh & Easy, Late July, Heinen’s, Joseph’s, Natural Value, Naturally More, Peanut Power Butter, Serious Food, Snaclite Power, Sprouts Farmers Market, Sprouts, Sunland and Dogsbutter.

What is Salmonella Tennessee?

Salmonella serotype Tennessee is a rare cause of the estimated 1 million cases of salmonellosis occurring annually in the United States. In January 2007, we began investigating a nationwide increase in Salmonella Tennessee infections.

Can peanutbutter cause food poisoning?

The peanut butter may be contaminated with salmonella, bacteria that cause food poisoning.

How does peanut butter get salmonella?

“The key,” says Doyle, “is to have a rigid system in place that does not allow contamination by water or other vectors after the roasting process. Water in a peanut butter processing plant is like putting gasoline on a fire. It will not only spread the salmonella, but the salmonella will grow when water is present.”

Why is there no Peter Pan peanut butter 2020?

We have made the difficult decision to transition the production of our peanut butter to a different facility. Though this was not an easy decision, it will help us operate efficiently so that we can continue to make Peter Pan peanut butter for years to come.

What is the problem with Peter Pan peanut butter?

A decade after hundreds of Americans got sick from eating Peter Pan peanut butter contaminated with salmonella, the company that sold it paid with an embarrassing courtroom guilty plea and an agreement to pay the largest criminal fine ever in a U.S. food safety case.