What happened to Najm?

What happened to Najm?

Majid Al Futtaim Finance LLC (“MAFF”, “Najm”) has sold its consumer credit card business to Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD). The transaction will mean Najm cardholders receive a product from CBD at least equal or better in terms customer benefits, interest rate and fees to that held by the customer today.

Where can Najm card be used?

Can I use the Najm Credit Card to withdraw cash? Yes, you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide that have the Cirrus logo. Cash withdrawals are subject to a withdrawal fee of AED 90 or 3% of the amount of any cash withdrawal, whichever is the greater, on every cash withdrawal.

What is minimum salary required for Najm credit card?

AED 7,000 per month
You require a minimum salary of AED 7,000 per month to be eligible for this card. Up to 55 days of interest free period and minimum payment of 5% or 100 AED which ever is higher.

What is Najm card?

Najm offers a range of credit cards that come with benefits such as cashback, easy payment plans and PremiumRewards every time the holder spends. The Najm Blue Card, Najm Silver card and Najm Gold card offer up to four percent cashback for every purchase in Carrefour and elsewhere.

Which Najm card is best?

NAJM Card Types
Najm One Cash Back Credit Card Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card
Najm Platinum Cashback Credit Card Najm Voyager Signature Credit Card
Najm Platinum Plus Cashback Credit Card

Who owns Najm?

Al Suliman, CEO of Najm on finance sector.

Can I use Najm prepaid card online?

2.3 At points of sale the Gift Card can only be used via an electronic on-line card reader. The security code is used only to obtain information on-line or by telephone and to register online. You are required to keep the Gift Card and the numbers on it safe and secure for the user’s own personal use.

How do I redeem Najm Voyager Rewards?

1.4 Redemption of Voyager Reward must be made within 45 days of the Travel Purchase. 1.5 Only active Card Accounts are eligible for redemption. Blocked and delinquent Card Accounts are not eligible. 1.6 Redemption request once received via the website or call center will be fulfilled within 2 business days.

What is the minimum salary to get credit card in UAE?

AED 5000
Credit cards with minimum salary AED 5000 But generally, the minimum salary required for a credit card is AED 5000. There are several banks providing credit cards in UAE for a minimum salary of AED 5000.

How do I redeem Najm points?

REDEEMING POINTS You can use SHARE points or a combination of cash and points to pay for your purchases: Majid Al Futtaim brands: Use your SHARE Wallet to redeem points. Shopping Malls: In stores that accept the SHARE Wallet, you can redeem your points instantly.

How do I call Najm?

If it’s not safe to get out of your car — keep your seatbelt fastened, turn on your hazard lights, then call Najm (920000560) if there is no injured party and at least one of the parties who are involved in the accident has an active insurance policy, otherwise call traffic police 993 and wait for help to arrive.

How do I claim from Najm?

Call Najm at 920000560 or through the Najm app if any party involving in a car accident has valid insurance.

  1. Download the Najm App from either Playstore or iTunes.
  2. Select the English language.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Press the “Add Vehicles” button from the options using either; Plate Number. Vehicle Sequence Number.

How can I access my Najm credit card?

At a click or on-the-go, our desktop and mobile solutions are simple and secure, offering you instant access to your credit card account.

How does Najm loan on phone plan work?

The Najm Loan on Phone plan offers unique benefits like: Funds transferred to your bank account. Now you get the flexibility of paying your children’s school fees by ordering a Manager’s Cheque over the phone which will be couriered to the School. You can pay back the amount in convenient installments up to 36 months at attractive interest rates.

Is the Najm credit card part of CBD?

If you have a Credit Card with Najm, please refer to the FAQs for information on the transition to CBD. All other businesses of Majid Al Futtaim Finance, including its prepaid cards business, are not subject to this transaction and will be retained and operated by Majid Al Futtaim.

When is the last day to use a Najm gift card?

The Najm prepaid Visa Gift Cards (Just For You Cards) will be discontinued from June 23, 2021. If you currently have a gift card with remaining balance, we request that you use the balance before June 23, 2021.