What happened to Jessica Lovell of the Lovell Sisters?

What happened to Jessica Lovell of the Lovell Sisters?

The oldest sister, Jessica, is attending college now and was recently engaged, leaving little time for traveling with the band. The two younger sisters however, Megan and Rebecca, will continue to perform together under a new band name.

Who are the Lovell Sisters parents?

And not just because all three girls still live at home with their parents ā€” David, a pathologist at Gordon Hospital, and Trissa ā€” and their 6-year-old brother, Thomas, who recently announced he’d rather play in his sandbox than go on being their roadie.

Are the Lovell Sisters married?

LOVELL SISTERS BAND: (Singing) Roly-poly, eating golden taters, hungry every minute of the day. SHAPIRO: Today, their sound is very different. One sister is married and living in Canada. The other two perform as the band Larkin Poe.

How old are the Larkin Poe sisters?

Larkin Poe are an American roots rock band originally from north Georgia, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, and fronted by sisters Rebecca Lovell (born January 30, 1991) and Megan Lovell (born May 12, 1989).

Are Larkin and Poe related?

Larkin Poe is comprised of Nashville based Atlanta born sisters Rebecca (lead vocals, electric guitar) and Megan (harmony vocals, lap steel guitar) who named the band after their great-great-great-grandfather, a distant cousin of writer Edgar.

Who is Rebecca from Larkin Poe married to?

guitarist Tyler Bryant
On the sullen, grey March afternoon that we meet the sisters at the east Nashville house Rebecca shares with her husband, guitarist Tyler Bryant, the sisters are dressed, appropriately, in black skinny jeans, black tops and multiple silver chains with pendants.

Is Larkin Poe a couple?

And Tyler has had a hand in the making of Larkin Poe’s acoustic covers album Kindred Spirits. Speaking together from their home in Nashville, they talk TG through their musical dynamic as a married couple, as well as the sounds heard on their latest endeavours…

Why are Larkin Poe called Larkin Poe?

Rebecca (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano) and Megan (harmony vocals, lap steel guitar, dobro) went forward as Larkin Poe, named after the sisters’ great-great-great-grandfather, who was a distant cousin of writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Why are they called Larkin Poe?

Is Larkin the sister of Poe?

What kind of music did the Lovell Sisters play?

The three siblings — fiddler Jessica, Dobro player Megan, and mandolinist Rebecca — had previously studied classical music in Calhoun, GA, where they took part in the city’s youth symphony and sang in a local church choir.

When did the Lovell Sisters release their second album?

The Lovell Sisters built upon that recognition with a string of festival appearances and international shows, playing everywhere from Nashville to Norway in the process. Brent Truitt resumed his partnership with the band in 2008, as the girls began recording material for a second album.

When did the Lovell Sisters get their first break?

The Lovell Sisters received their first big break in 2005, when the acoustic trio won a teen talent contest sponsored by Prairie Home Companion.

How old was Rebecca Lovell when she won MerleFest?

In 2006, Rebecca won the MerleFest mandolin contest. At 15 years of age, she was the youngest person (and only woman) to win a MerleFest instrument competition. The Lovell Sisters’ song “Distance” won the 2008 John Lennon Songwriting Contest grand prize in the country genre.