What happened to Chrissy Teigen dad?

What happened to Chrissy Teigen dad?

When she was 15, Chrissy’s mom returned to Thailand to care for her ailing father who was dying from lung cancer. Three months after his death, Vilailuck’s mother fell off a train and Vilailuck once again traveled to her homeland where she remained for several years.

Is Chrissy Teigen’s mom and dad still together?

It’s reported that Chrissy’s parents separated in January 2017 due to “irreconcilable differences” and their divorce was finalised in May 2020. Chrissy’s mum now lives with her and husband John Legend and is a successful cook who specialises in Thai cuisine.

What does Chrissy Teigen’s dad do for a living?

In 1982, she was 19 or 20 years old and a single mother to her then 2-year-old daughter Tina when she met Chrissy’s father, Ron Teigen, a traveling American electrician. His company had an office in Thailand, and he would travel back and forth from there and Saudia Arabia, doing construction work.

Are Chrissy’s parents together?

Chrissy Teigen’s Parents to Be Officially Divorced in May Both Ron and Vilailuck waived their right to spousal support. News of the couple’s legal split broke in November, and PEOPLE confirmed at the time that Ron filed for divorce from Vilailuck. In addition to Chrissy, the pair share another daughter, Tina.

Who is Chrissy’s dad?

Ron Teigen Sr.
Chrissy Teigen/Fathers
Christine Diane Teigen was born on November 30, 1985, in Delta, Utah. Her mother, Vilailuck, is from Thailand, while her father, Ron, is an American of Norwegian descent. Her surname is usually pronounced /ˈtaɪɡən/; despite this, she stated that she prefers the pronunciation /ˈtiːɡən/.

Does pepper live with Chrissy Teigen?

“Mom is over so much that she lives with us basically and they’ve had this kind of relationship for a long time,” she told People in 2018. These days, Pepper lives permanently with Chrissy, John and their two children.

Is Pepper Thai still married?

A marriage that was long more of a friendship is coming to an end. Life goes on. Vilailuck — who hails from Thailand and is also known by her nickname, Pepper — currently lives with Chrissy and Chrissy’s husband, John Legend, and their two children — 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles.

What is Chrissy Teigen’s real name?

Chrissy Teigen was born on November 30, 1985 in Delta, Utah, USA as Christine Diane Teigen.

What is Chrissy Teigen nationality?

Chrissy was born on November 30, 1985, in Delta, Utah, United States. Her birth name is Christine Teigen. She is the daughter of Ron Teigen Sr. and Vilailuck Teigen. Her father is of Norwegian descent and her mother is Thai. Chrissy is an American by nationality and she is of Norwegian, German, and Thai ethnicity.

Who is Chrissy Teigen’s sister, Tina?

Tina Teigen is the elder half-sister of Chrissy Teigen, real name Christine Diane Teigen recognized as an American model, author, television personality, and an entrepreneur. Tina is a half-sister of the celebrity artist. Since her sister is always in the limelight, Tina prefers to live a life away from the media world.