What gear does john Petrucci use?

What gear does john Petrucci use?

John Petrucci’s guitar boat is stocked with Ernie Ball/Music Man JP11 guitars. His main guitar is the last prototype and has DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifier signature pickups with an Ernie Ball piezo system in the bridge. He uses Ernie Ball strings, a custom set of . 010-.

What string gauge does John Petrucci use?

11-60 on the 7string.

What guitar does Petrucci play?

His Majesty “The guitar that I use is my Majesty Signature Music Man guitar and I used the six- and seven-string Majesty [latter pictured above] throughout the whole album except for one song, The Path That Divides, where I used my Music Man JP15. Other than that, it was all Majesty, and the acoustic was a Taylor 914.

What guitar was used on images and words?

Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty. “This pink/purple sparkly guitar is used for pretty much the entire Images And Words set. Though, occasionally, I might use the blue Majesty, which is the backup, for a couple of songs.

What distortion pedal does Petrucci use?

“My pedals tend to change a bit over the years. Right now, it’s primarily TC stuff – and this is signature Dreamscape modulation pedal, which does chorus, flanger and vibrato. If I ever need to switch, we go old-school and do it all by hand on the fly.”

What chorus does John Petrucci use?

The Dreamscape
In the video, we used The Dreamscape as a chorus, this is a chorus/flanger/vibrato in one, which Petrucci developed together with TC. The Boss CH-1 for example will also cater to your chorus needs. To round off his clean and rhythm sound with a compressor to match is the TC Electronic Hyper Gravity.

What guitar was used on scenes from a memory?

The guitar that JP was playing is an Ibanez Talman model.

What amp did John Petrucci use?

Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP Head Amps John has also been one of Mesa/Boogie’s most loyal and prestigious supporters and endorsers for over 20 + years and has owned, played and performed with nearly every Mesa amp ever made.

What speakers does John Petrucci use?

On any given day, you will find him with two Mark IVs hooked to a set of MesaBoogie 4◊12 cabs. These are of course loaded with Celestion vintage 30 speakers. Here is John Petrucci talking about the JP-2C.

What gauge strings did Albert King use?

Reportedly, King played 0.09-0.50 gauge strings. So in essence he was playing light gauge on his top strings and heavy gauge on his bottom strings.