What gang is 9 Deuce?

What gang is 9 Deuce?

The West Side (W/S) 92 (or “9-Deuce”) Hoover Criminals Gang, also referred to as the “Do-Lows” and formerly known as the “92 Hoover Crips”, are an active African-American street gang located in the western district of South Los Angeles, California.

What is BG gang?

A BG is someone who also uses the term “New Breed” to describe the gang and/or acknowledges the leader of the gang is Boony Black. Black and gray are the official colors of the BG’s. The BG’s are now to be found in almost all areas of Chicago.

Is 4ktrey a Blood gang?

The Nine Trey Gangster Bloods or Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods (NTG) (also referred to as Bentley’s or Billionaires) are a violent set of the United Blood Nation street gang, which is itself a set of the Bloods gang. The gang operates on the East Coast of the United States….Nine Trey Gangsters.

Founded 1993
Rivals Crips

Are GDS Bloods or Crips?

The Gangster Disciples are a criminal street gang formed in Chicago in the late 1960s. Their allies are the Crips and Folk Nation. Their rivals include the Bloods and People Nation; in Tipton County these are Vice Lords. Members often designate themselves as part of the gang by wearing blue and black clothing.

Who are the South Los 13 street gang?

South Los 13. The South Los 13 (or SXL13) is a Hispanic street gang in South Central, Los Angeles, California. This gang falls under the Sureños “card” and are loyal to the Mexican Mafia, as indicated with the number “13” in their name. Despite their affiliation with the Mexican Mafia, outside of prison, the South Los 13 have engaged in…

What are the facts about the MS 13 gang?

“This gang is responsible for murders — both of rival gangsters and innocent bystanders — as well as drug dealing and extortion in many communities in the Los Angeles area,” Acting U.S. Attorney Sandra Brown said in a statement at the time.

Who are the members of the Harpys gang?

They have an long-standing rivalry with the 18th Street Gang and the EasyRiders 13. For instance, on September 6, 1980, three members of the 18th Street Gang were killed by members of the Harpys Gang.

Who is clumsy from the 18th Street Gang?

However, the 18th Streeters are known to return gunfire, Felipe Alvarado, known on the streets as “Clumsy” was shot to death on the corner of Washington Blvd and Normandie Ave, the alleged shooter was a member of the 18th Street Gang.