What episode does Jor-El appear in Smallville?

What episode does Jor-El appear in Smallville?

Reckoning (Smallville)

Running time 44 minutes
Guest appearance
Terence Stamp as the Voice of Jor-El
Episode chronology

What did Jor-El do to Clark in Season 7?

Just a few months later, on his 16th birthday, Clark received another cryptic message from Jor-El telling him to leave Smallville to begin his journey toward his destiny. Jor-El burned a mark on Clark’s chest, which he referred to as the “mark of his ancestors”; it would prove to be an instrument of control.

Does Jor-El appear in Smallville?

Season Five After Clark united the Stones of Power and used the Crystal of Knowledge to create the Fortress of Solitude, Jor-El told him that he could not return to Smallville, but must instead stay in the Fortress and prepare to save Earth from Brainiac and Zod.

Who killed Jor-El in Smallville?

Zod beat Jor-El for taking away their powers and refusing to resurrect his son. Though Jor-El knew of Zod’s fate, he still hoped for the best and apologized that if he did as Zod asked, maybe he wouldn’t be the villain he would become.

Is Jor-El evil?

In fact, he often acted like a villain. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but Smallville’s Jor-El was a wildly inconsistent character. One moment, he’s a caring father, then he starts acting openly hostile to his son. He will be coerced into forgiveness, but then trap Lois Lane in a cage of pure energy.

Is Zor-El evil in Supergirl?

A similar depiction was used when the character was adapted for television in the series Smallville. In 2010s stories following DC’s The New 52 reboot, Zor-El has been an antagonist for Supergirl and Superman, having been transformed into the villain Cyborg Superman by Brainiac.

Is Brainiac evil in Smallville?

The original Brainiac was corrupted and became a tool for evil at the hands of General Zod. Then Clark Kent saved him and enabled him to be reprogrammed for good. He also altered a Smallville High School counselor’s mind so that she wouldn’t attack Clark Kent at his reunion.

Is Jor-El good?

How old was Jor El when he went to Smallville?

Jor-El and Louise. In 1961, as a young man around the age of 26, Jor-El was sent to Smallville by his father as a Kryptonian rite of passage. While on Earth, Jor-El gained superhuman powers like any Kryptonian due to exposure to the planet’s yellow sun.

How old was Jor El when he was born?

Jor-El was born in 1935 on Krypton, where he was raised alongside his younger brother Zor-El. It was strongly implied that Jor-El had a strained relationship with his father. ( Relic ) Jor-El and Louise.

How does Jor El communicate with Clark Kent?

Telepathy: Jor-El can mentally communicate with Clark and those around him. He was even able to speak with Clark while he was balancing between life and death in the Abyss of Life and Death. Jor-El, as a machine, can also mentally interface with Kryptonian objects, most notably through the Key and the Fortress.

Why did Jor El send his son to be raised by Jonathan Kent?

Jor-El was so grateful for Hiram’s aid that, years later, he later sent his own son Kal-El to be raised by Hiram’s son Jonathan Kent. Jor-El’s clone later stated to Chloe Sullivan that he fondly remembered his brief time on the Kent Farm. ( Relic, Kandor ) Other characters have offered differing opinions of Jor-El: