What engine is in a 325d?

What engine is in a 325d?

What engine is in BMW E90 3 Series 325d? The BMW E90 3 Series 325d has a Inline 6, Diesel engine with 2993 cm3 / 182.6 cu-in capacity.

What engine is in a 2009 BMW 325d?

BMW 3 Series Touring (E91, facelift 2009) 325d (197 Hp) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Specs

General information
Torque 400 Nm @ 1300-3250 rpm. 295.02 lb.-ft. @ 1300-3250 rpm.
Engine location Front, Longitudinal
Model Engine M57D30TU2
Engine displacement 2993 cm3 182.64 cu. in.

What Litre is a 325d?

This 4 doors and 5 seat used BMW 3 Series Saloon 325d M Sport has a 2 litre engine, automatic transmission, a top speed of 152 mph and 0-60 acceleration of 6.8 seconds.

How long is a BMW E91?

BMW 3 Series (E90)

BMW 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93)
Wheelbase 2,760 mm (108.7 in)
Length 4,520–4,610 mm (178.0–181.5 in)
Width 1,780–1,820 mm (70.1–71.7 in)
Height 1,380–1,420 mm (54.3–55.9 in)

What’s the difference between BMW 325d and 330D?

The 325D and 330D are the same engine. The whole lot, including the head. In answer to the question whether you can put a 330d map on a 325d it is one I have asked before. Apparently the ECU will not take the map.

What engine is in the BMW 320d?

The BMW G20 3 Series 320d has a Inline 4, Diesel engine with 1995 cm3 / 121.7 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 2019 BMW G20 3 Series 320d have? The 2019 BMW G20 3 Series 320d has 190 PS / 187 bhp / 140 kW.

Can you put a turbo on a N52 engine?

So to place a turbocharger on a E9x N52, a custom exhaust manifold/plumbing is required. A low rear exhaust manifold is possible with a ‘small’ turbo. A top mount turbo is ‘easier’. BPC and DigiDon both did this.

How good is BMW N52 engine?

BMW’s N52 engine is one of its most successful, and most produced inline-6 engines. Due to the engine design, the N52 has proved more reliable than it’s bigger brother, the N54. Because the N52 doesn’t have an HPFP or direct injection, these are two common N54 issues that drivers of the N52 won’t have to worry about.