What element has 148 neutrons in its nucleus?

What element has 148 neutrons in its nucleus?

The most stable isotope of Americium has 148 neutrons in its nucleus giving it an atomic mass of 243. Americium is in Period 7 of the Periodic Table because it has 7 electron shells.

What has a mass number of 148?


PubChem CID 177698
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula Eu
Synonyms 15840-15-0 Europium-148 Europium, isotope of mass 148 148Eu (~148~Eu)Europium More…
Molecular Weight 147.9181

What is the 148 element?

7.1Element Forms

CID Name Formula
161149 promethium-149 Pm
167138 promethium-148 Pm
167177 promethium-143 Pm
167342 promethium-145 Pm

How many protons and neutrons are in an atom of ND 148?

Neodymium-144 is composed of 60 protons, 84 neutrons, and 60 electrons. Neodymium-145 is composed of 60 protons, 85 neutrons, and 60 electrons. Neodymium-148 is composed of 60 protons, 88 neutrons, and 60 electrons.

Is TM radioactive?

Natural thulium is wholly composed of the stable isotope thulium-169. Bombarded by neutrons, natural thulium becomes radioactive thulium-170 (128.6-day half-life), which ejects soft gamma radiation with wavelength commensurate with laboratory hard X-ray sources.

What element has 159 neutrons?

Seaborgium has no known biological role. Seaborgium is a transuranium element.

What has an atomic number of 142?

Neodymium-142 | Nd – PubChem.

Does 163 have atomic mass?

These are given in table 1 below….Table 2. List of Elements in Atomic Number Order.

At No 9
Symbol F
Name Fluorine
Atomic Wt 18.998 403 163(6)

Is Nd 142 radioactive?

The radioactive decay of 147Sm into 143Nd and 146Sm into 142Nd through time has produced variations in Nd isotope ratios in terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials.

Is thulium man made?

Thulium is a lanthanide element, it has a bright silvery-gray luster and can be cut by a knife. Naturally occurring thulium is made entirely of the stable isotope Tm-169. …