What does yasuo says?

What does yasuo says?

When in his ult, Yasuo speaks a phrase in his Korean or Bronzie tongue. This phrase is one of the most famous Yasuo quotes, it is called ‘Sorye ge ton’. When one hears this phrase (the Yasuo ult sound), the meaning is ‘towards the dawn’. The ‘Sorye ge ton’ translation can also be understood as ‘raise towards the dawn’.

What are Yasuo’s voice lines?


  • “A sword’s poor company for a long road.”
  • “My honor left a long time ago.”
  • “No-one is promised tomorrow.”
  • “Follow the wind, but watch your back.”
  • “This blade never gets any lighter.”
  • “Virtue is no more than a luxury.”
  • “The road to ruin is shorter than you think.”
  • “Sleep is for the guiltless.”

Is Yasuo a Japanese?

Yasuo (やすお, ヤスオ) is a masculine Japanese given name.

Is Yasuo a ninja?

He’s not a ninja who can shadow in, pop someone, and disappear, so he needs a way to survive teamfights while he dishes out his damage. In the past, this was accomplished with some kind of invulnerability: Tryndamere’s Undying Rage, (old) Fiora’s ultimate, Fizz’s troll pole.

Who killed Yasuo’s master?

It was later revealed that Riven killed Elder Souma. Yasuo was found innocent of the crime, but he still felt guilty for the death of Elder Souma and Yone.

What is Hasagi?

HASAGI means “cutting edge”.

What does Hasagi mean?

Is Yasuo an Ionian?

An Ionian of deep resolve, Yasuo is an agile swordsman who wields the air itself against his enemies.

Who trained Yasuo?

In her, Yasuo saw an unlikely student, and in himself, an even more unlikely teacher. He trained her in the ways of elemental magic, wind shaping stone, embracing at last the teachings of Elder Souma. Their world changed with rumors of a risen Shuriman god-emperor.

Who is the brother of Yasuo?

Yone is Yasuo’s brother, and was first introduced to League of Legends lore almost seven years ago when Yasuo was first released. Since then he’s remained an unsolved mystery for the League community until now.

What does Yasuo stand for in League of Legends?

A character in the game ‘The League of the Legends’, who is an agile swordsman and a fighter in it. Yasuo – Yasuo (やすお, ヤスオ) is a masculine Japanese given name.

What are the taunts of Yasuo and Riven?

Taunt 1 “Follow your path and it will break you.” 2 “Without your wings, think what might have been.” 3 Yasuo: “How should I greet thee?” Riven: “With silence, and tears.”

What does Yasuo say about a good drink?

Yasuo tosses his flask into the air and catches it with his sword’s blade tip. “The blade above all things… except a good drink.” “Who says I can’t handle my drink?” “There are three certainties in life: honor, death, and hangovers.” Yasuo laughs.

Who was Yasuo Kuniyoshi and what did he do?

Yasuo Mizui – Yasuo Mizui (水井 康雄, Mizui Yasuo, 30 May 1925 – 3 September 2008) was a Japanese stone sculptor who lived in France. Yasuo Kuniyoshi – Yasuo Kuniyoshi (国吉 康雄, Kuniyoshi Yasuo, September 1, 1889 – May 14, 1953) was a Japanese-American painter, photographer and printmaker.