What does Pillar to Post do?

What does Pillar to Post do?

A Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector examines the major systems of the home and provides any added services you specified in your booking.

How many pillar to post locations are there?

550+ locations
Pillar To Post® is the #1 North American Home Inspection Franchise with more than 550+ locations in North America.

Is pillar to post a franchise?

Pillar To Post charges a franchise fee of $24,500. They also offer financing as well as a discount for veterans (20% off Franchise Fee).

What is a lifetime maintenance advisory service?

LIFETIME MAINTENANCE ADVISORY Service – Following our inspection, and your purchase of the home, we will provide advice and answer your questions on home maintenance, the inspection report, and other home-related topics for as long as you own the home.

What is post inspection?

A post-repair inspection is an evaluation performed by a qualified third-party, in which they examine the quality of the repairs that have been performed after a car accident.

Is infrared home inspection worth it?

Even current home owners with no intentions of selling would benefit from having a thermal inspection done. Infrared technology is a good addition to a visual inspection, and doesn’t negate the need for an inspector with experience and knowledge of all systems that make up a home. As always, choose wisely!

How do you become a home inspector?

Steps to Become a Home Inspector

  1. Look up the home inspector requirements for your state.
  2. Complete a home inspector training program.
  3. Pass your home inspection licensing exam.
  4. Network with real estate agents and brokers.
  5. Join a firm or work for yourself.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The average cost of a home inspection is $300 – $500, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The specific cost will depend on a number of factors, including square footage, the region where the home is located, and any special services that may be required.

Why is post-repair inspection important?

Post-repair inspections are a fundamental part of vehicle safety, acting as a second layer of protection for car owners. It’s necessary to confirm that a car was fixed properly and that it’s safe to drive. You are unsure about the quality of repair work or the parts used in the repair.

What do you need to know about pillar to post?

All Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ are trained to inspect all major items inside and outside of the home. Pillar To Post™ inspectors are trained to always operate at the highest standards.

How to set up a home inspection with pillar to post?

Setting up a home inspection with a Pillar To Post Home Inspector is seamless and easy when you understand the process. Our convenient methods let you reach out and secure a home inspection when it is best for you. Start now and get yourself the best home inspection possible with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.

How many states does pillar to post serve?

Pillar To Post™ inspectors are trained to always operate at the highest standards. Pillar To Post™ has served over 3 million customers and operates nationwide with offices located across 48 states and 9 provinces and are ready to serve you now.

How does pillar to post test for radon?

Professional testing for radon is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk. Pillar To Post offers sewer scope/video camera scan inspections that can reveal existing or potential problems that need to be addressed and will show whether the sewer line is clean or clogged.