What does Marlow lie about in Heart of Darkness?

What does Marlow lie about in Heart of Darkness?

Marlow lies to Kurtz’s Intended to spare her the painful reality of her fiancé’s descent into madness and evil. Marlow lies that the last word Kurtz uttered was his fiancée’s name because “it would have been too dark” to tell her that Kurtz last spoke of pure and desolate horror.

What were Kurtz’s last words?

Kurtz dies on the boat with the last words, “The horror! The horror!” Kurtz ultimately was changed by the jungle. At first he wanted to bring civilization to the natives, as his painting shows, but by the end he wants to “exterminate all the brutes!”

Why does Marlow consider Kurtz’s last words a victory?

Because Kurtz was able to have such poignant and revelatory last words, Marlow sees him as a “remarkable man.” Marlow is so impressed that Kurtz, on the edge of death, is able to say words that he believes encompasses some kind of great truth.

How does Marlow interpret Kurtz’s last words?

The horror!” Marlow tells us that he interprets Kurtz’s final words as “a judgement upon the adventures of his soul on this earth.” Whatever the truth Kurtz has glimpsed, Marlow sees its perception as a “moral victory”.

What does Kurtz realize in his dying breath?

Darkness prevails when he dies, symbolizing that his actions were evil. Thus, it is Kurtz’s realization of the bitter and absolute truth of his life.

Why does Kurtz go crazy?

Marlow suggests that the loneliness and unfamiliarity of the African environment induces Kurtz’s madness, and that his mind weakens the deeper he travels into the “heart of darkness.” As Marlow describes it: “Being alone in the wilderness…

Who has the final say in Heart of Darkness?

When she asks about Kurtz’s final words, Marlow lies: “your name,” he tells her. Marlow’s story ends there. Heart of Darkness itself ends as the narrator, one of Marlow’s audience, sees a mass of brooding clouds gathering on the horizon—what seems to him to be “heart of an immense darkness.”

Why is Marlow so obsessed with Kurtz?

Why is Marlow so obsessed with Kurtz? Marlow pursues Kurtz because of the mystery surrounding him and the hype that surrounds even the mention of his name. Throughout the time that Marlow hasn’t met Kurtz, he develops an extreme desire to meet this man.

What was Kurtz tragic flaw?

Once removed from civilization, Kurtz becomes increasingly corrupted because of the opportunity to satiate his every desire in the jungle. Eventually, Kurtz becomes so corrupted that he goes insane and lets his greed overwhelm him. His unrestrained power, desire, and pride lead to his tragic downfall.

Who is Charles Marlow in heart of Darkness?

The text Heart of Darkness looks into what embodies a lie by giving the accounts of Charles Marlow an Englishman working as a ferryboat captain in Africa soon after the death of Kurtz. Marlow’s experiences both in Africa and Europe may have shaped him and led him to lie to Kurtz’s intended.

Why does Marlow lie about Kurtz’s death?

Marlow on recounting to Kurtz’s intended about her lover’s death lies to her about Kurtz’s last words. As a replacement for Kurtz’s last words “The Horror, The Horror” he lies about Kurtz’s last words. He claims that he called out to her and mentioned her name (Conrad, 50). So why does he lie or what is Conrad trying to portray here?

Who are the main characters in heart of Darkness?

Character Analysis Marlow Marlow is a thirty-two-year-old sailor who has always lived at sea. The novel’s narrator presents Marlow as “a meditating Buddha” because his experiences in the Congo have made him introspective and to a certain degree philosophic and wise.

Who is Carola Kaplan in heart of Darkness?

Carola M. Kaplan’s article Colonizers, Cannibals, and the Horror of Good Intentions in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness – Critical Essay also tries to look at what embodies a lie. Kaplan argues that man has the ability to embody truth but is not aware of this.